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Test: The best and the worst hotel in Germany

The first impression, the first meeting in the lobby, the first look into the room. Will everything be as expected? So inviting, so idyllic, so clean? In Germany alone there are more than 45,000 hotels, inns and guest houses. If you travel to Berlin or Hamburg, Sylt or Usedom, you will quickly find yourself confronted with a three- to four-digit number of accommodation options. Prices and stars often only say something about the actual quality to a limited extent. What remains are the empirical values ​​that guests publish on various booking and review portals after their stay.

With the market leader in Germany, the rating portal holidaycheck.de, we found the worst and the best rated hotel in Germany, i.e. the hotel with the most top ratings and the one with the most negative ratings. While the “Hotel Kaliebe” on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom received positive reviews “a lot of performance for little money” and “very clean” and scored best nationwide, the “Hotel Zollhof” in Hamburg had to please the conclusion “Hotel Saustall” to let. But how much is there in praise and lamentation? “Welt am Sonntag” tested whether the houses really matched the guest reviews - and were surprised.

The reception

“Hotel Zollhof”: Even the worst hotel in Germany welcomes its guests with a smile: A smiley shines from the first “O” of the “Zollhof”. If the lighting of the yellow lettering on the roof of the hostel in the working-class district of Hamburg-Wandsbek were intact, you would even see it in the dark. A composition of pseudo-oriental carpets leads through the breakfast room to the reception - a stylistic impertinence in veneer black and white. The nice receptionist has already laid out the documents: fourth floor, non-smoker. Unfortunately, he can't change the fact that the bill has to be paid before you've seen the room. On the other hand, he confidently reveals that he would never be willing to pay the 260 euros that the room costs during major trade fairs in Hamburg. When the supposed non-smoking room stinks of smoke, he immediately offers a room in the partner hotel five kilometers away. You seem experienced in dealing with complaints.

"Hotel Kaliebe":