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Dawn Punjabi

Dawn Punjabi : How can you use the German word, the German expression Dawn translate into Punjabi? There are different possibilities for this. The German expression Morgendämmerung can be translated into Punjabi or Panjabi with Dana . German dawn, Punjabi Dana.

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Different spellings for Dana

The Punjabi word Dana is written in Gurmukhi in Punjab, a script that is only popular in Punjab. Dana in Gurmukhi is written ਡਾਨ. Devanagari is common in northern India. Dana in Devanagari is डान. In the scientific IAST with diacritical marks one writes ḍāna. No matter how you write it, it is always pronounced the same way. In English, dawn is Dana, ਡਾਨ, डान or ḍāna in Punjabi

German dawn - Punjabi Dana

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Dawn in other Indian languages

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The Punjabi expression Dana can be translated into German as dawn.

Dawn English - Punjabi translation Dana.