What did Christ do


What kind of miracles did Jesus do?

Many people have claimed to be God, but only one person in history has demonstrated through his actions that he has a supernatural source of power. The power of Jesus shook the foundation of the entire nation of Israel.

He healed the lame and the blind, directed the movement of fish and calmed storms. Not only did Jesus heal hundreds of people from sickness and weakness, but he even raised some from physical death!

He himself rose from death three days after his crucifixion, exactly as he had predicted. Was his resurrection a fact or a myth? Look at the facts and form your own opinion.

Miracles from Jesus:

Turns water into wine.

The first traditional miracle took place at Cana in Galilea. Jesus was at a wedding when the wine unexpectedly ran out and he then turned water into wine.

Heal a Centurion's servant.

In another miracle, Jesus healed a centurion's servant at Capernaum without even touching the man.

Heals the lame man by the lake.

At the Lake of Bethesda in Jerusalem, Jesus heals a man who could not walk for 38 years.

Turns the catch upside down.

After trying unsuccessfully to fish on the lake of Tiberias all night, Peter receives the order from Jesus to cast the nets again. Peter catches so many fish that his nets threaten to tear.

Heal the possessed in the synagogue in Capernaum.

Who is the person who has the power to cast out demons?

Heals Peter's mother-in-law when she was seriously ill.

Heal the lepers.

Heal the lame.

Brings the widow's son back to life.

Heal the blind and the dumb.

Calms the storm.

Jesus calms a storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee with a wave of his hand - a storm of such intensity that even these seasoned sailors were frightened.

Heal the possessed at Gerasa.

Heal the woman who touched him.

A simple touch of Jesus' robe was enough to miraculously heal this woman.

Brings to life the daughter of Jairus.

Jesus demonstrated that he has enough strength to bring the dead back to life.

Provides food for 5,000 people.

In one of the greatest miracles we see Jesus feed enough to 5,000 people. And that with only five loaves of bread and two smaller fish. In the end there were 12 baskets left!

Go on the lake and calm the storm.

Jesus was seen walking on the surface of the Sea of ​​Galilee! One of his disciples, full of faith, also begins to walk on the water to meet Jesus. But a moment later it begins to doubt and begins to sink. Before he goes down completely, Jesus pulls him up again.

Heals the daughter of the Cananaean woman.

Heal the deaf and dumb man.

Feeds four thousand people.

In another miraculous example of God's power, Jesus cares for a large gathering of people who followed him for three days and were hungry and. He had seven loaves of bread and a few small fish at his disposal. Seven baskets were left after everyone finished eating.

Heal the ten lepers.

Ten lepers were healed. But only one of them returned to thank Jesus for the miraculous healing of the disease.

Raise Lazarus from death.

In another great miracle that caused a stir in the country, Jesus brought back to life a man who had not only died but had been in the grave for a few days. Many of the religious leaders began to follow Jesus because of this tremendous demonstration of the power of God.

Curse the fig tree so that it withers.

Jesus performed this miracle to illustrate that judgment awaits the people of Israel. Since most of this people rejected the message of Jesus, they would soon wither - almost to the point of annihilation under the brutal military rule of the Roman Empire. The miracle happened on the Monday after Jesus entered Jerusalem, just a few days before Jesus was then executed and resurrected.

Jesus himself rose from the dead.

In the greatest miracle of all, Jesus himself was raised from the dead, just as he had prophesied several times before.

Finally the miraculous fishing.

After his resurrection, Jesus performed another miracle. His disciples immediately notice who is responsible when suddenly the number of fish in the Lake of Tiberias increases so markedly. It has to be Jesus of Nazareth.

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