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Convert fraction into percent and decimal number

1/2 is still simple: That's 50 percent, as a decimal number 0.5. But do you know how much 3/5, 7/9 or 125/17 in percent or as a decimal number?

With this online calculator you can convert any fraction into the corresponding percentage and the corresponding decimal number. Simply enter the fraction number - with the numerator (the number above the fraction line) and denominator (the number below the fraction line), and click on To calculate. The numerator and denominator can be positive or negative numbers.

Fractions, percentages, and decimals represent parts of a number.

Example: 3 out of 5 parts are written as a fraction 3/5. For the percentage, the fraction is converted to hundredths (i.e. denominator = 100) and thus output as a proportion of 100. This makes it easier to compare fractions with different denominators. Percentages are also clearer: Most people can start with the statement "60 percent" more than with "3/5". Decimal numbers, on the other hand, relate the proportion to 1 (" a whole "): 60 percent corresponds to the decimal number 0.6. This works with any fraction.

Fractional Percent Conversion Table

Divide quantities according to percentages

Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.