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Goodall: "Disrespect" to nature caused pandemic

According to famous primate researcher and environmental activist Jane Goodall, the devastating corona pandemic was triggered by people's disrespectful treatment of nature and animals. "Our disregard for nature and our disrespect for animals caused the pandemic," Goodall said.

Risk of infection through confined spaces

The 86-year-old called for a different, more conscious approach to the environment in order to prevent future disasters. "If we destroy the forest, for example, the different animal species that inhabit it will be forced to live in a smaller space. Diseases are transmitted from one animal to another - and one of those animals that is forcibly brought into close proximity to humans is will probably infect them, "explained the British researcher, who became famous for her work with chimpanzees in Africa.

In addition, the researcher sees the hunt for animals, the wild animal markets in Africa and Asia as well as intensive agriculture geared towards meat consumption as "conditions that give viruses the opportunity to jump from one species to another and to humans". She welcomed the closure of markets in China selling live wildlife and hoped that the temporary ban will become "permanent" and that other Asian countries will follow suit.

Learn lessons from the pandemic

In Africa, however, it is difficult to stop the sale of meat because many people depend on it for their livelihood. "You can't just forbid someone to do that if they don't have the money to support themselves or their families," said Goodall. "But at least this pandemic should have taught us what we have to do to prevent another pandemic."

She emphasized that everyone can contribute to a more conscious interaction with nature and animals. "Hopefully through this unprecedented response with the global lockdowns, more people will wake up and finally start thinking about how to live their lives differently," Goodall said. (APA, April 11, 2020)