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DeathNote characters

Surname: Light Yagami
Pseudonym: Kira - the Messiah
Birthday: February 28, 1989
Age: 17
Size: 179cm
Weight: 54kg
Life plan: 9 3 31 2 6 3 9
Activity: student
Death Note ?: Yes
Description: Light Yagami is the protagonist in 'Death Note'. He's a very mysterious character who has an astonishingly high IQ. That alone is enough for him and he doesn't expect much from the world. One day he found the notebook and since then his systematic everyday life has started to get a certain tension again. He usually acts in a calm manner and does not rush into anything, and he has the talent to see through other people. With the 'Death Note' he takes on the role of Kira, who is also known on the internet as the 'Messiah' who has come back to cleanse the world of criminals. Light actually manages to behave normally in everyday life, he doesn't show his feelings and hides them all behind a mask, even from himself. He is really bored with the world but with the Death Note he wants to fulfill a dream. He wants to free the world from all the bad people, first he wants to kill those who have committed great crimes like murder, he wants to kill everyone with heart failure, so even the last fool notices that there is someone who punishes these crimes with death. He dreams of a perfect world where he is the 'God'.

Light is an ultimate character with a superhuman psyche. In newspaper reports it is often said that the first or the second murder is the hardest to get away from the criminals, but then from the third it is always easier for them, so in Lights case it is only that it is a bit more extreme with him. If you look at the first chapter, where he tells Ryuk about his first murders, you also see a scene in which he lies in his bed completely shocked - of course, Light wonders if this is the right thing to do because he murders people, and not everyone who does something bad deserves death right away, but it also has a certain opposite side, wouldn't it be a perfect world if people know that there is someone who can punish them for their crimes and that there are no more crimes because of it? So it happens that Light transforms himself very quickly into a completely new person, he kills over 100 people without conscience and the numbers keep increasing, at the beginning they are really 'just' criminals, but then he also starts killing people who get in his way come, police and even his family would kill him if he had to protect his identity as Kira ...
Surname: Misa Amane
Pseudonym: 2nd Kira
Birthday: December 25, 1984
Age: 19
Size: 152cm
Weight: 36kg
Life plan: unknown
Activity: Model
Death Note ?: Yes
Description: Misa Amane is not an average girl compared to others - she is quite intelligent but very naive, which then limits her intelligence a bit, at least she managed to pretend that she is Kira and received great prestige for it. She finds out that Light is the real Kira and often covers him. She doesn't like doing a lot of work but she always likes to be around Light because she is madly in love with him, so much so that she would like to be his girlfriend. Basically she is not very selfish and does nothing to promote herself. Misa appears in volume 4. She was supposed to die, but a shinigami named Gelus gave her his life. As a result, Misa gets the Death Note from Rem and thus also gets her Shinigami. By the time Misa received her Death Note, Kira had already appeared in the world and started killing.

Spoiler!br> After the 12th volume, many wondered what would happen to Misa, she was so shocked by Light's death that she took her own life. You can find out about this in the How to read v. 13, in volume 1-12 she does not die. I suspect she's killing herself because she just can't stand the death of Raito. (However, this information is not guaranteed)

Surname: Ryuk, Ryuuku
Pseudonym: Shinigami
Shinigami rank: 6
Gender: male
Like: Apples
Don't like: Boredom
Death Note ?: Yes, he has his own, and a second one that he gave to Light
Description: Ryuk is one of those Shinigamis who don't want to miss any fun, he would be a person who would say that you can only live once. But this saying does not apply to him. He is a Shinigami and can live forever if he only wants, because there are ways and means a Shinigami can die if, for example, they do not extend their life. Ryuk is very different from the Shinigamis around him, while they pass the time sleeping and playing, Ryuk is always looking for something exciting, he hates boredom and an everyday routine like the one in the Shinigami world. For this reason he managed to get a second Death Note, out of interest in what happens, he drops it in the human world. Thus the Death Note becomes a part of the human world. Ryuk is thrilled to see Light as he wants to fulfill his dream of a perfect world and always finds more ways to use the Death Note.
In the human world, Ryuk also finds his favorite food, apples. He says that apples are like a drug for him, as well as cigarettes and alcohol for people, if he doesn't get apples he suffers from withdrawal symptoms and does somersaults, handstands ...

Light believes that he was chosen to create a better world, but Ryuk keeps making it clear that it was pure coincidence that it was Light of all people who found Death Note and took it for himself. Since Ryuk does the whole thing out of boredom, he doesn't help Light very much from the beginning, the only thing he explains to Light about the Death Note is first the How to use what he has written, and the possibility of what a deal a Shinigami with you People can make the deal that people sacrifice half their life and get the eyes of a shinigami for it. One wonders if Ryuk is a friend or an enemy? In fact, he's just a spectator right from the start, he doesn't interfere in the situations in which Light gets involved, he just follows the whole thing. It is obvious that Ryuk's relationship with Light is very different from that between Rem and Misa, who are more like 'friends', as Rem keeps warning Misa that what she is doing is dangerous. Ryuk doesn't seem to like or hate Light, he just finds him interesting, he finds people generally interesting, which is what you find out right at the beginning.

We finally find out proof that Ryuk just wants to have fun at the end. (This is where spoilers for the end of Death Note begin!)
When Light loses to Near, he begs Ryuk to help him, but Ryuk doesn't seem to want to help Light. What is important to see is what Ryuk is uttering, sentences like: "Look at you, that’s not you anymore" By that he means that Light didn’t do what he expected from him. In the end it is Ryuk himself who pulls out his second Death Note and puts Light's name in it. Then Ryuk explains that he has accepted the path that Light has chosen, all his actions and procedures, but in the end Light has relied on Ryuk, which is why Ryuk has now ended the whole thing.

Of course we now get the idea that Ryuk wanted to kill Light from the start, even a few chapters before Light died it was obvious that Light would lose. But Ryuk didn't kill Light when it was clear what was going to happen, he waited until the last point where there was no hope and Light no longer had a chance. Ryuk was a friend and he saw Light being destroyed piece by piece. Sure, he just wanted to fight his boredom, but you can see his act, which he killed Light, as a friendly way to save Light a lot. He wanted to save Light from being destroyed even further, especially mentally, because Light was basically an innocent boy who only fell victim to the boredom of the god of the dead and through whom Death Note had turned into an unscrupulous murderer. So Ryuk had acted like a friend somehow.
Surname: Rem, Remu
Pseudonym: Shinigami
Shinigami rank: 4
Gender: Female
Like: -
Don't like: -
Death Note ?: Yes, but Rem doesn't own the Death Note she gave Misa, Rem got that from another Shinigami.
Description: Rem is a death god like Ryuk, only she belongs to the female death gods. She was there when Jealous, also a god of death, died. This was in love with Misa and he had watched her day and night until the day on which it was fate that Misa should die. A stalker who was jealous and wanted Misa by all means, but couldn't get her wanted to kill and then kill himself, just before it happened Jealous made a big mistake, he changed fate and used his Death Note to do so. He died. Rem took the Death Note he left behind and hands it to Misa.
Rem tries to protect Misa and warns her not to use the Death Note because Misa could destroy herself with it and Jealou's victim would have been in vain.

Surname: Yagami Souichirou
Pseudonym: -
Birthday: July 12, 1955
Age: 48
Size: 1.81m
Weight: 68 kg
Life plan: -
Activity: Police officer
Death Note ?: No
Description: Souichirou Yagami is the father of Light. He is the chief inspector of the police department and head of the special unit to investigate the serial murder of felons. Of course, he doesn't know that Kira is his son of all people, which is why he has no concerns about giving Light any information about the Kira case, as Light had already helped him with cases several times.
Surname: Watari
Pseudonym: -
Birthday: -
Age: -
Size:  -
Weight: -
Life plan: -
Activity: servant
Death Note ?: No
Description: You don't learn much about Watari in the first volume, you only know that he is the transmitter for L and works for him. At Interpol he always appears veiled in a coat and a large hat and speaks for L or ensures that there is a telephone connection between L's computer and the one at Interpol so that L can transmit his messages himself.

To be continued ...

Name (s): L, Ryu (u) zaki.
Birthday: October 31, 1979
Age: 25
Size: 1.79m
Weight: 50 kg
Life plan: unknown
Activity: Private detective
Death Note ?: No
Description: L is clearly a somewhat strange and mysterious antagonist of Kira. He's definitely a great genius and he always knows what to do, his methods being like a game where he outright tosses the next too up his sleeve. He is therefore a very well-known private detective about whom nothing is known because he does not reveal his identity or appearance. He likes to eat sweets, especially cookies, and the way he sits is always very interesting, he always sits casually or pulls his knees close to his body while sitting on a chair or armchair. One of his habits is to nibble his fingernails, especially when he is thinking. In the first volume of the manga you can only see his contours inaccurately, you can't see the essentials of his face like the eyes.
Surname: Mihael Keehl
Pseudonym: Mello, M.
Birthday: December 13, 1989
Age: 14
Size: 171cm
Weight: 52kg
Life plan: 502209
Activity: mafia
Death Note ?: No
Description: Mello can be, or is, the complete opposite of L and Near in many ways and, above all, views. He is very emotional and then rashes a lot, depending on his mood, he can spend a lot of time just to think. The thoughtful and reflective thing about him, but also his impulsive art make him not only dangerous and unpredictable, especially because he uses this to get to Light about the mafia. In this way he creates many connections and friends who help him with his goal, e.g. Frosted. Mello is by no means reluctant and speaks whenever he can to express his opinion, although he always takes certain precautionary measures. He loves chocolate and drives a motorcycle which is one of his hobbies.

You see Mello together with Near after L's death. One could say that Mello is the other successor, next to Near, of L, even if it is not decided whether Near is the successor or Mello, but most of the things speak more in favor of Near. Mellor decided to leave Wammy's house and work his own way, even though he thinks it is almost impossible to work with Near.
Mello draws attention again when he kidnaps Light's sister Sayu to get at the Death Note.
It is astonishing that Mello managed to achieve the rank of Mafia without any support in order to challenge Light in this way.
It is interesting that there are three detectives in the manga who are after Kira: L. But it soon turns out that L also embodies the other two and thus all 3 are one and the same person. Watari is only L's partner who investigates for him and so to speak his speaking tube is over the computer. In a way, L and Light are pretty much the same, Light tries to hide his emotional feelings so that one does not find out that he has basically changed since he found the Death Note, L, on the other hand, hides his identity and also his emotional feelings in the later period So it happens that he gets to know Light Yagami so slowly, of course, and he likes what he admits to himself, but in no way does that hinder him in his work. You can't find another character like L in the manga, his entire character makes him very amusing throughout the whole story.
Surname: Nate River
Pseudonym: Near, N.
Birthday: August 24, 1991
Size: 155cm
Weight: 40kg
Life plan: 43406
Activity: SPK
Death Note ?: No
Description: If there is someone who is similar to L then it is Near. He is very strange and mostly very unemotional. He looks at things from one point of view, but he is still limited by experience and really being like L. Near personally is a withdrawn person and loves to work with certain things that he has claimed for himself. (E.g. finger puppets. See 'Near's Toys'). Even if Near is like L in many points, there are points in which it is completely different. He is a little sadistic and loves to mock Light in the 'game' by using his toys to work, for example the finger puppets. Near also likes to sit on the floor, you can compare his way of sitting with that of L, only that he pulls one leg up instead of two.

Near appears for the first time in the 7th volume.

Caution, spoilers for L begin here!
Near shows great potential, which is why he is the rightful successor of L. After L's death, we see another letter from Kira's pursuer in front of us: N, and this, i.e. Near, immediately takes on the right to play the game correctly because L had lost this game. A few years later, Near founds the SPK. The SPK is financed by the US government, of course Near continues his hunt and comes into contact with Light very quickly ...

At the end of Death Note many people wonder who is better, Near or L? Many are of the opinion that Near was better because he won the fight at least in the end and Kira or Light is dead and therefore cannot continue his activity as Kira. Others say that L was better and that Near only won the fight because he had a lot of help with it.In this case it is really just a matter of opinion who was the better one, both had different approaches, Near achieved his goal with it, L did not, but of course circumstances also play a major role.
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