How do I fix Sim not recognized

Your SIM card is not recognized? That may be the reason

Root or jailbreak

Also, rooting or jailbreaking your device, i.e. changing the operating system in order to be able to access all functions, can mean that your SIM card is no longer recognized. In this case we recommend a factory reset. Here we show you how this works with Android phones and your iPhone.

SIM card is not recognized: defective mobile phone?

Insert your SIM card into another cell phone to check whether the error message appears here as well. If your SIM card works in another mobile phone, there is probably a defect in your device, e.g. a damaged card slot. In this case, only a repair can help you. If you are still within the warranty period, contact your manufacturer or seller.

SIM card defective

If the previous causes have been excluded and the SIM card is still not recognized, the card may well be defective. You can check this with a special SIM card reader or you can simply insert your SIM card into another device. If the problem occurs here too, the SIM card is probably defective. In this case you apply for a new card from your provider. If the cards are relatively new, most providers will send you a replacement card free of charge. For older copies, a fee of between 10 and 15 euros is due in most cases. The new card is here? We will help you to activate the SIM card.