Who implements the policy of the cabinet ministers?

Who is in the Bundestag? - Politics simply explained

The Bundestag is the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. The elected politicians sit here and debate issues such as taxes, new laws or environmental issues. We explain who sits where in the Bundestag.

The President of the Bundestag

The President of the Bundestag (or one of his deputies) sits at the front in the middle of the plenary chamber. His job: He announces which topic will be discussed and ensures that no MPs speak too long and that as many as possible have their say.

The Federal Council

In the plenary hall of the Bundestag, the members of the Bundesrat sit to the right of the President of the Bundestag.

Federal Chancellor and Minister

To the left of the President of the Bundestag is the government bank. The Federal Chancellor and the ministers take their seats there. The word "minister" comes from Latin and translates as "servant". Each minister heads a ministry and is responsible for a specific area of ​​work: the finance minister for finance, the environment minister for the environment, the defense minister for defense ...

The members of the Bundestag

Each MP has a specific seat in the plenary chamber. He or she sits in front of or next to his party colleagues. A member of the Bundestag is also called a parliamentarian or member of the Bundestag (Member of the Bundestag). The members of a party form a so-called fraction.

By the way: Only those parties are allowed to move into the Bundestag which received at least five percent of the votes in the Bundestag election!


Would you like to attend a session in the Bundestag one day? No problem: In the stands for visitors - above the heads of the MPs - there is space for almost 400 people. However, you have to register in advance and are not allowed to say a sound - and not to clap or boo.

The Bundestag eagle

The Bundestag eagle is of course not a real eagle, but a large statue. The Bundestag eagle hangs in the plenary hall of the German Bundestag. It is 58 square meters and weighs 2.5 tons, about as much as a white rhinoceros. The eagle is the heraldic animal of the Germans. It not only adorns our euro coins, but also the passport.

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