What is just a game

I've been wondering for a long time
why some people I loved
Couldn't come along on my way.
Didn't they want? My path in life was meanwhile
so light and beautiful, so exciting and enriching
become that every night I am full of gratitude
on my life and full of joy on the
tomorrow day looked up. Other people seemed
to see life with completely different eyes.
Some took it as a burden, a struggle, or a lot
painful way true. What did you do differently than me?
Somehow I had the impression that they were going to the
Sticking to the past or simply refusing to move on.
I myself enjoy this process so much that I use the
Sadness that sometimes people lag behind me no longer weighs as heavily as at the beginning of my path. This not-letting go had previously blocked my way and made me very sad. The sadness of leaving someone behind, what is it? I've often asked myself that.

It's probably a fear of loss. When you love someone, you always want to have them with you. If you love a lot of people, you want to have them with you too. If you love more and more people and you want to have them all with you, then you can only do it spiritually, because who has so much space and time to do justice to everyone? All the people I love would step on their feet here in my house and take the air I breathe.

But they all have a place in my mind ... there is an infinite amount of space and there is an infinite amount of love with which I can envelop them and be in joy with them.

And here, in the so-called reality? Some relationships were transformed. People came closer, others stepped back, and it seemed to me that I had no control over it. In the past, I had held on to some people convulsively. Or not? Today it feels like I've been holding myself on, like I've stopped on my way to wait for someone. Sometimes I went back a little to take someone by the hand and pull them along. My goodness, that was exhausting. It was like pulling a heavy sack behind me. So I got no further on my way. I struggled, put an incredible amount of energy into this action, only to find out later that it didn't work. I let go. Again and again I pondered the why and why. And yesterday, suddenly, I had an idea that explained everything.

What happened if??? What if everything is just a game? The whole life. Like a computer game. A game that has different levels. In each level, i.e. in each level, you have a certain potential of energy available. A game in which you have more options and more energy in each subsequent level than in the previous one. Difficulties increase from level to level, but strength and knowledge also increase, so that the courageous and trusting one gets on well. Now it also explains why it doesn't work to involve other players or to wait for them.

Everyone plays their own game. Whether old or young, poor or rich. Everyone is at the level in which they have to fulfill their tasks, regardless of the age of the person. There are children who are already in the twelfth level and old people who are only in the fourth level. Wisdom has nothing to do with outward age.

I can't expect someone who is in the third level of their game to skip two levels to be in my game just because I want them to be by my side. He would never get on like this. He would lose energy and joy. The same thing happens when I jump back two levels to give someone tips or to take someone by the hand. It is of no help to advise or guide someone. Everyone has to find out for themselves, this is the only way to gain energy and achieve the goal. So when I dive into a strange level, I pause my own game.

What about those who are stuck on a level and just can't get anywhere? Who repeat level three for the umpteenth time because they are afraid of level four?

They learn by letting go of them and letting their game play. Instead, you should take care of your own game and continue playing with joy. In this way you can encourage others to imitate. Show them that it is not dangerous to go on, but that the best rewards await every brave person. This is love This is how they can achieve their goal. In all freedom. It is all about achieving this goal, which promises perfect bliss. Call it what you want. When you reach the final stage of your game you will have found a name for this objective. Sometimes you get scared when it comes to this goal. You heard rumors. Some have said it is terrible when the game is over. Then it's all over. The whole life.

I can reassure you. It's just a game. Life is infinite. You are infinite Only the games have a beginning and an end. You can't lose anyone in this game. So play your game. Have lots of fun with it!

How to play: Play it easy, play it easy. Nothing is as it seems. Look for clues that are just for you. Play it with love, with joy, with trust - in yourself and in everyone. Play like a kid. Then you go through without any problems.