Which rap artist has the most hits?

Spotify 2019 : Capital Bra dominates the German streaming charts

Streaming has been the measure of all things in pop for several years and Spotify is the largest portal with over 100 million paying subscribers. Whoever collects the most streams here can feel like a king or queen.

This year the crown goes to the American rapper Post Malone, who leads the worldwide annual charts of Spotify ahead of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. The 24-year-old is also the third most streamed artist of the decade. The top position is taken by his Canadian colleague Drake, who is ahead with 28 billion streams. Second place belongs to Ed Sheeran.

In Germany, hip-hop dominance has been overwhelming over the past eleven months. With Capital Bra, Samra, RAF Camora, Kontra K and Bonez MC, five men of the genre occupy the top spots on the Spotify charts. The first woman in the top 20 is in 13th place. It is 17-year-old blitz starter Billie Eilish, who came second in the world in 2019. It looks similarly monotonous with the ten most popular songs in the German charts. Capital Bra is represented here four times, including two in a duet with Samra.

However, the 25-year-old Capital Bra, who is currently being harassed by an Arab clan, was unable to conquer pole position. It went to Volkan Yaman alias Apache 207 with his song "Roller". The tall sunglasses wearer from Ludwigshafen is also the man of the hour: Currently, four tracks from his debut album “Platte”, released in October, are in the German single charts. If the EP with the eight titles had been released earlier, Apache 207 would probably have made it even further forward.

Rappers who only sing

The 22-year-old embodies the currently popular sound, which continues the ebb of cloud rap wave in the direction of cozy R’n’B pop. Apache 207 can also rap, but most of the time he reads his lyrics about love, sex and a little crime in a melancholy vocal style. In addition, there are simple pulsating beats and eighties synths - it can get a bit sticky, Schlager-esque. Which in turn is countered by the sexist and occasionally homophobic undertones. You have to be a little angry.

Capital Bra has been cultivating this soft-hard balancing act lately and has recently demonstrated it on his albums “CB6” and “Berlin lives 2” (with Samra). With autotune on his voice he sings about crooked deals, expensive cars, watches and women. His guests bring harshness to the table, and he himself maintains a casual, sleepy style. Which makes the aggressive street rap rap of earlier generations look pretty old. Scandal makers like Kollegah and Farid Bang are not even represented in this year's Spotify charts. Whether Haftbefehl, whose new album has been waiting for five years now, can revive hard hip-hop again seems extremely questionable.

Drake shaped the decade

Drake has shown that, coming from rap, you can also be extremely successful with soft tones. His slightly dripping style of singing was formative for the decade. Annual streaming winner Post Malone has switched to singing. Although the guests and the trap beats on his album "Hollywood’s Bleeding" still refer to hip-hop, he is ultimately about pop.

"Allergic" or "Staring At The Sun" are instant hits that work both on the radio and in numerous playlists. The high number of songs on his album shows that Post Malone, who grew up in Dallas, understood the age of streaming: "Hollywood’s Bleeding" contains 17 songs, only seven of which are longer than three minutes. Much and short - the signs for the twenties are on appetizers.

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