Is Tormund dead

"Game of Thrones" Season 8: Who Died in Episode 1? This is how fans react to it (SPOILER)

The hearts of "Game of Thrones" fans are beating faster again. The 8th season of the successful HBO production started a few hours ago. All those who haven't had a look at the new episode are probably asking themselves one question: Who had to die in episode 1? Are there any first losses?

Caution: spoilers for 8x01!

The time of waiting is over. A few hours ago the 8th season "Game of Thrones" celebrated its premiere and once again carried us off into the world of Westeros, which George R. R. Martin created in his books. The war between the living and the dead is imminent. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) confront the Night King as his army approaches the home of the Starks, Winterfell, and the rest of Westeros. The fans had almost two years to prepare mentally for the fact that we were facing new losses and that we might even have to part with our favorite characters in the final season. But who did not survive the first of the six new episodes?

The Night King's first murder in season 8?

"Game of Thrones" without dead? That does not exist. And also in the first episode of season 8, a few characters die, luckily none that we have grown particularly fond of. Euron Greyjoy kills some men during the Yara rescue operation. A much more interesting and at the same time shocking death takes place in the final minutes of the premiere. Tormund and Beric discover the body of a child in an abandoned castle. Severed body parts are attached in a vortex around the child. It's about the young Lord Umber, who is still alive at the beginning of the episode. Sansa (Sophie Turner) sends him away to bring further assistance to Winterfell. In this undertaking, Lord Umber seems to have fallen into the hands of the Night King and his followers.

A message from the white walkers

The death of Lord Umber is not a death that will affect fans emotionally - it will definitely shock them. Because at first it looks like the boy is dead. Tormund and the others find Lord Umber motionless. They no longer pay attention to him and talk when the viewer notices: the child has opened his eyes and they are ice blue! Before you can shout a warning to Tormund on the screen, he utters a bloodcurdling scream. It only ends when they set the revenant on fire and the vortex on the wall - a message from the Night King - burns brightly. We were spared major losses in the beginning of the 8th season "Game of Thrones", but it won't stay that way for long ...