Which alternative interfaces to Youtube playlists are there?

5 Kodi alternatives for a brilliant home theater

There are many software solutions on the market that can be used to organize and play back digital media for home use. If you want to link various end devices, in particular a television, to a PC or laptop to create a personal one Home theater You should above all ask yourself one question: What requirements do I have of my personal media center?

Users consume media in different ways. Some prefer to get the latest Blu-rays, other stream Series and films online. If you often watch films in a group, the LCD screen in the living room is a convenient solution. If you pass the time with videos on the go, you will probably use them more often Tablet orSmartphone. If the whole family is to enjoy the full range of options available, you need software solutions that allow multiple devices to access. They want yours music hear all over your home and also show your friends holiday pictures? This is also possible with the right media center.

The graphic alignment on TV screens is called 10-foot user interface. The format and font size are designed so that they fit the television screen and are easy to see from a distance of 10 feet (about 3 meters). This type of user interface is offered by all media centers that want to be alternatives to Kodi.