What does male mean in Latin

fīlius (Latin)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

fi | lius, Plural: fi | lii
Word meaning / definition:
1) male descendant: son
2) in the plural (also): the children
Female word forms:
1) filia
Origin of the term:
from the unused form * fēlios, which is derived from the verb felare "to suck"
1) natus, puer
2) liberi, progenies
Opposite words:
1) mater, pater
Application examples:
1) "IbiOrgetorigisfiliaatqueunus [e)] filiis captus est. "
1) “In reliquis vitae institutis hoc fere [ab)] reliquis differunt, quodsuosliberos, nisi cum adoleverunt, utmunus militiae sustinere possint, palam adseadirenonpatiunturfiliumquepueriliaetatein publico in conspectu patris adsistere turpe ducunt. "
Reduced forms:
1) filiolus


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Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in Latin:

Qualis pater, talis filius.
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Puer, quem vides, est filius meus.
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Pompeii filius maior occisus est, minor fugit.
Tatoeba.org set example 712723

Luci, filius do sum.
Tatoeba.org set example 1011105

Quot annos filius tuus natus est?
Tatoeba.org set example 1133000

Quid filius tuus facit?
Tatoeba.org set example 1270467

Father et filius eius valde similes sunt.
Tatoeba.org set example 1320170

Vir minus libi habet quam filius eius.
Tatoeba.org set example 1320995

Tuusne filius est, Elizabetha?
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Nepos meus est filius filii mei.
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