When do you replace a chainsaw chain

Why is my chainsaw chain sticking?

Your chainsaw is jamming while you're cutting wood and you don't know why? Here are our explanations! Indeed, whether it's a chainsaw électrique ou thermalIt is the teeth of its limbs that come into direct contact with the wood and the materials to be cut. Therefore, dirt, wear on the guide or on the links, and even on the motor, can be the cause of a clog. However, in most cases, you can easily fix this. We'll explain why your chainsaw's chain is blocked and how you can unlock it.

Why is your chainsaw chain blocking?

When you use these chainsaws to maintain your garden or cut trees, your chain is under tremendous strain. In addition, this arrangement of limbs is equipped with the cutting instruments. The latter therefore rotates on the guide, which is driven by the motor via a pinion. If it doesn't spin, it could be for a number of reasons.

If you've just assembled your brand new machine or bought a new chain, you may have installed the chain Upside down. In addition, this blockage can also be explained by purchasing a model that is unsuitable for your saw. Indeed, the guide, pinion and drive links belong together and their replacement must be done with care. So be sure to follow the instructions in the manual if you change any of these items.

If you recently cut a branch, the limbs may have got stuck in the forest. However, if these are spinning normally before you start blocking when you start gardening, it is likely due to poor lubrication.

After all, it could also be an engine problem. To rule out this, remove the chain and check that the engine runs properly without the chain. You can also rotate it by hand in the instructions to find the places where it is blocked.

What to check if the chainsaw is blocked

Chain tension

When a chainsaw chain that is deteriorating from wear and tear stops cutting, it will damage the guide, tire the engine, and if it is too tight, it can be the cause of a clog.

In addition, the more the chainsaw heats up, the more the tension on the links decreases until they become too relaxed. This explains why chainsaws often derail. Therefore, the voltage should always be checked before using the machine. To make sure it's correct, put on gloves and lift it off the fence after you put your chainsaw on the ground. It should snap back into place quickly when you let go.

In addition, you should only see 3 driving links when lifting to indicate that the tension is correct.


To check this, you need to turn the drive sprocket without a guide. If you can't, it's the clutch that's blocking the chain. This is not expensive, but to change it you need to find the model that fits your machine. Regardless of whether you have a Stihl, GT Garden or Ryobi chainsaw, just mentioning the brand name is not enough to find the right spare part. You must therefore rely on the serial number of your device.

In general, however, you do not need to replace the entire clutch. It is sufficient to identify the defective part (needle cage, driver or bell) and replace it.

Chain guide

Indeed, if the guide breaks, it can block the travel connections. To check the condition, you need to disassemble it from the machine first.

Then manually screw in the chain after making sure it is in good condition. If this cannot slide freely on the guide, it is damaged.

If you find that the guide rotates with a gear or becomes too long, you will need to replace it.

It's the same if you see any corrosion or burrs on it.

How do I unlock a chainsaw chain?

Now that we've explained what can block the drive links on a chainsaw, let's move on to the unlocking tips. First, you need to properly release the chain brake. In fact, some users who turn them on when they start the saw forget to bring it back to them before cutting. This explains why the links are blocked from rotating. To fix this, all you have to do is pull the brake lever towards you.

If you noticed that the blockage occurred in a certain location, it may also be a pinch of the lead. All you have to do is use a flat bladed screwdriver to widen the groove where it will get stuck. On the other hand, if you cannot lift the guide links that drive the guide, the tension is too high. Most Stihl chainsaws are also equipped with a quick release, which reduces the latter. If not, you can still use a flat head screwdriver and socket wrench to loosen the nuts and adjust the tension according to the instructions in your tool's manual.

If the problem is lubrication, you should check the oil level in the reservoir. If it is correct, check that it is waterproof. Usually you should notice oil flow along the guide rail when your machine is pointed at the ground. If it does not and the container is in good condition, you should plug the guide lubrication holes.

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