What is your life about?

What is life about?

Dear Pierre,

I think I speak for each of us here. You mean that life has no meaning and that there is no point in doing anything. But you're wrong about that! You think life is meaningless and you try to convince us

but you should realize that not everyone agrees with your opinion. Because life only has meaning when you find meaning yourself. Almost everyone probably asks: "Why am I here?", "Why do I live?". I ask myself about it myself. But you shouldn't ask yourself for a long time whether that is the case, as you do. Wasting precious time thinking about pointless things. To convince others of it even though they disagree. Life alone, being able to breathe, see, walk, etc., is already the meaning of life. Just sitting in the tree, protecting the school, convincing your classmates and others that life has no meaning is what you mean by life. Imagine this is the last day on earth. You still have one day to do what you want. To see your family, your big first love (if you even have one), your friends and everything that has to do with you. What exactly would you do Sitting in a plum tree all day and convincing people that life suddenly doesn't mean anything to you? No! That's exactly what you're not supposed to do. Think again whether life has a meaning if you find one for yourself or whether you just imagine it or think that your own life has no meaning. You say that life doesn't make sense and that's why you're sitting in the tree. But normally no meaning in life means not thinking, not singing, not eating, not drinking, just doing nothing. But what you do makes you someone who has a purpose in life. What you probably do every day is get up and ask yourself how you can convince your classmates and everyone else that life doesn't matter. You just don't want the attention of others to convince them with all your might. And if you want to confront it, then you think there is no point in arguing. But thank God that we now have the chance to talk to you. I just think that you shouldn't delve into it to find meaning but listen to what others think about it. It is unfavorable to create meaning for yourself if you never know what will happen tomorrow. Rather focus on doing something than doing nothing. For example about your school and your family. It is not a thing for me if you ask yourself questions about the meaning of life. The fact is: don't get too deep in it, otherwise you will spend your whole life looking for meaning. You never know when you will reach the end of your life path!

Remember Pierre !!!