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Office design: tips on how to properly furnish your office

With the right office equipment, you can demonstrably increase the productivity and motivation of your employees on the job! Find out below our tips on how to set up your office correctly and what to consider. In addition: Our managing director Philipp Riedel reveals how the redesign of our office space has succeeded and which strategic considerations have influenced the look of our new "Kap West" headquarters.

How the right office furnishings affect performance and satisfaction

Perhaps it sounds familiar to you: In job vacancies, potential employers are increasingly advertising modern and well-located office space in order to present themselves more attractively and to position themselves better on the job market. Of course, this is no coincidence, because the right office furnishings have been proven to play a decisive role for employees:

Wellbeing and a Safe facility for health have a significant effect on motivation, productivity and commitment in the workplace, according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute from 2014. That means: Satisfaction with the office environment can do the job performance Have a decisive influence on your company.

But that alone is not enough: because too Environmental and health awareness play an important role for employees. Your company can take advantage of this fact: For example, it shows its responsible side in terms of corporate social responsibility and saves money at the same time Costs, by investing in energy-saving measures and promoting the health of its own employees.


The right office furniture: Solid tips for more success and satisfaction in the workplace

If you want to help your company and your employees to achieve more performance and output, it can be a sensible measure to start with the office furnishings. But how? We'll give you helpful tips on how to properly design your office furniture.

Furnishing tips for health and ergonomics in the office

If you want to make your office furniture particularly ergonomic and thus support the health of your employees, consider the following aspects when furnishing your office correctly.

The right lighting

Make absolutely sure that your employees always “light up”: The supply of light has a decisive effect on them Concentration and performance out. If we find ourselves in a room that is too dark, we get tired: it is easier for us to make mistakes and we need more time to complete our tasks.

Tip: Above all, use Window seats makes sense. If the lighting conditions in your office are poor right from the start, you can, for example, help Daylight lamps counteract.



Inspirational view

It is also important to pay attention to the view from the workplace: Natural motifs how mountain landscapes, gardens or lakes inspire and promote well-being and motivation in the workplace, according to a study by Igor Branchis from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome.

Tip: If your office space offers a beautiful view, be sure to use this advantage strategically and create Jobs with a view. If, on the other hand, your office is surrounded by other buildings and does not offer beautiful views, you can close beautiful motifs Grab for the wall and cover the walls with appropriate pictures, wallpaper or Decoration elements shape.

Ergonomic working

Standing and sitting for long periods of time are not healthy for humans, especially if the desk or chair is permanently at the wrong height. This can make employees sick: headaches caused by bad posture are not uncommon. So that your employees stay healthy and also feel physically comfortable at their workplace, make sure that the work environment in your office also meets the ergonomic requirements.

Tip: Make sure you focus on ergonomics in the workplace. This applies to the furniture and extends to ergonomic computer mice or the range of exercise for employees. In this context, it is advisable to take advantage of the professional support of a safety officer who visits the workplaces once a year and informs employees about the correct sitting posture and height.

Oxygen supply

It's not just light that affects our performance, it also affects us oxygen it must not be lacking. According to a study by the Universities of Harvard and Syracuse, performance decreases by an average of 60 percent when the oxygen supply is poor.

Tip: Pay attention to regular Burst ventilation. Preferably every two hours for 5 minutes each time. However, you should avoid tilting the windows permanently because this can create drafts. Alternatively, if the windows in your office cannot be opened fully, you can air purifying plants set up like areca palms, ivy, green lilies or dragon trees.

The right office furniture for creativity, productivity and efficiency

With the following tips for the right office furniture, you will succeed in increasing the creativity, productivity and efficiency of your employees.

The right monitor

It has long been known that our eyes get tired from looking at the monitor for a long time. It is therefore all the more important not only to pay attention to the right technology: The screen size can also ensure that we squint our eyes more often and get headaches.

Tip: Bet on LED monitors. They are easier on the eyes because they stress our eyesight less than conventional models. Also make sure that your monitor is the right size. So that your employees can work without any problems, a monitor should have a screen diagonal between 22 and 24 inches. The distance to the monitor should be around 70 cm to protect the eyes.

Maintain (dis) order

The myth of order in the office persists: if you have a decent desk, you supposedly work better. This assumption differentiated a study by the psychologist Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota. She was able to show that a tidy work environment is more likely to lead to tasks being properly carried out. Untidy workplaces encourage creativity!

Tip: Even if it's a thorn in your side, some people can work better with clutter. And as long as the workplace remains hygienic, your employees should be able to work as they need it for their tasks. That is why our motto, especially for companies that are active in the creative sector, is: Show the courage to mess around.

Control communication in a targeted manner via the office furnishings

Depending on how you set up your office, you can control the communication between your employees in a targeted manner. For example, a modern office concept like that of the team office makes sense to keep departments closely connected and Keep lines of communication short. On the other hand, the decision to establish desk sharing in your own company can lead to the Exchange between departments promote and strengthen contact among employees who otherwise hardly see each other.

Tip: Use the strategic advantagesthat involve different office concepts and seating arrangements. Because with it you can control the communication and the processes in your company control in a targeted manner. In the best case, this brings a breath of fresh air into the office, which brings more efficiency or productivity to your workforce.


Tips for good design & a pleasant working atmosphere

Finally, we also have a few summarizing tips for you to create a pleasant working atmosphere in which your employees feel comfortable from a visual point of view.

The right color scheme

Colors work: You can use this fact not only for marketing, but also to improve your To make office space pleasant and adequate. Of course, the company's own colors play an important role. However, it is important to check what effect they have and what effect they have on office furnishings strategically meaningful integration.

According to the design firm K2space, colors in the office can create the following effects:

  • Blue: can have a positive effect on productivity
  • Red: can increase efficiency, but also cause stress
  • Green: can have a calming effect and reduce tiredness
  • Yellow: is associated with optimism and can stimulate creativity
  • White: basically makes rooms appear larger, but can also quickly create a sterile impression

Tip: Because the choice of color always depends on the dosage, it is worthwhile to seek professional support from an interior designer. Such a company can optimally adapt the design of offices to the individual requirements and wishes of your company and advise you accordingly.


As much as one can argue about the right choice of color, order or disorder, this does not apply in terms of hygiene and cleanliness: Sure, not everyone has the same demands on a clean work environment, but cleanliness should be all about because of health be given.

The big germs in the workplace include:

  • the desk (including computer keyboard, mouse and telephone)
  • Doorknobs
  • Communal kitchens
  • Toilets

Tip: In order to keep your workforce healthy, as an employer you should of course ensure cleanliness by doing the right thing Cleaning staff engaging. You can also promote cleanliness by doing enough, for example Hygiene products and the workforce over Hygiene measures enlighten. This can be done with infographics that provide information on how to wash your hands properly, especially during flu waves.

Create spaces for exchange

A well thought-out room structure for offices naturally also includes rooms for relaxation and breaks. By integrating leisure elements specifically into your office furnishings, you can not only create a more pleasant atmosphere, but also create spaces for exchanging ideas with one another.

Tip: A foosball table is a fun purchase, but it doesn't suit every company. For more traditional business establishments, lounge areas with coffee stations are available to create break islands in which you can exchange ideas and relax for a short time.

By the way: If you would like to find out more about how you can work more productively and efficiently, we recommend our article "Work smarter, not harder: Tips for a stress-free increase in your work efficiency": Here you will find solid tips that you can easily implement in your everyday office life !

Office furniture in practice: Interview with Managing Director Philipp Riedel

The successful young entrepreneur and managing director of AVANTGARDE Experts aligns the corporate strategy and his actions with the future on a daily basis. In particular, an innovation-promoting corporate culture with modern personnel management that focuses on the individual employee and a sustainable sales organization form the core elements of his entrepreneurial work. As a proactive co-creator of the working world of tomorrow, he would like to surprise his employees with a new office and thus set the course for a successful cooperation.

AVANTGARDE Experts: Philipp, what made you, as managing director, pay special attention to the furnishing of your new office?

Philipp Riedel: We spend most of our day in the office. For this reason alone, it is valuable to set up office space in such a way that every employee feels comfortable and enjoys coming to their workplace. A good facility also has positive effects on health aspects and cooperation - it is important to me that my employees feel comfortable.

AVANTGARDE Experts: What exactly does that mean for you?

Philipp Riedel: As managing director, I firmly believe that our new office will take us one step further as a company. Because a new self-confidence and self-image is automatically created when the rooms are equipped or furnished in a modern, communicative and performance-enhancing manner. In this respect, I am also convinced of a long-term positive effect on our business.

AVANTGARDE Experts: Which aspects were particularly important to you when furnishing your premises? Did you follow a certain concept?

Philipp Riedel: It was important to us to combine the regional ties to Bavaria with modern elements at our headquarters in Munich. For example, there is a conference room in the style of the Allianz Arena. From individual floor coverings and roof terraces with a view of the Alps to international standards in communication (e.g. using the latest media technology), we have thought of everything. A concept that makes excited and inspiring work possible was just as important to us as creating places of retreat, for example through think tanks, and thus enabling concentrated work.

AVANTGARDE Experts: How do you facilitate the exchange with each other?

Philipp Riedel: We paid special attention to the 7th floor, which is also where our reception area is located. There is a “market place” for employees, which serves as a meeting place for all departments. Because the most important thing about our room concepts is “coming together” everywhere - because the future of work lies primarily in networking. Those who have the best overview in the company can most easily set trends and organize cooperation. That is why we provide rooms and furniture wherever possible in which people enjoy exchanging ideas. Of course we also have a Playstation or a table tennis table. But not because it is “hip” right now, but because it brings people together.

AVANTGARDE Experts: Who had a say in the design of the offices?

Philipp Riedel: Right from the start we had a large “committee” of various representatives across the company to get a basic idea of ​​the concept of the new office. We tested the desks for months and everyone could see in my office, for example, what the new office furniture will look like. Of course, we also geared ourselves to the needs of the departments when setting it up: For example, there is a separate room for our marketing department to produce shoots and videos, or a think tank for the AVANTGARDE Experts story.

AVANTGARDE Experts: How did the measures go down with your team after you presented them?

Philipp Riedel: Consistently positive - all employees were immediately enthusiastic. In our previous office we often reached our limits because all of the rooms were too cramped and no longer in keeping with the times. The anticipation for the new office furnishings was correspondingly great. I am glad that we now have the space we need for exciting ideas and innovations.

More success for your company

With our tips for the right office furnishings, you can optimally support your employees in their daily work and help your company to be more successful. But new faces can also fresh wind bring into your company:

For example, are you looking for a new team member who will perfectly complement your department? Then we offer you one here individual and targeted supportto find the optimal match for your team. Simply find out more about our services for companies or contact us directly.

We look forward to your request!

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