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A little more humanity

With that the decisive thing is said for us: We humans have often lost our real philanthropy, even if we often enough use the word love in our mouths and replace it with other words (charity, caritas, solidarity). Because of this, some can no longer hear it. God himself shows us quite unexpectedly what philanthropy is by becoming human and identifying with a specific human child. He saw the little people and the humiliated and oppressed in their hardship and misery. He himself shares the lives of people who get trapped because of injustice. Human life, even defenseless, imperfect, even unsuccessful, receives a completely new dignity from God. God shows us what man means and what is in him. Otherwise God could not become man. That is why Christmas shows us the greatness of man when he is able - as theologians of all times say - to take God out of himself. Because there is the Son of God and we can call ourselves sons of the Son, we are sisters and brothers to one another. That is why a new closeness to people is created at Christmas, so that we have to thoroughly relearn how to deal with them: already with the people before their birth, with the damaged and disabled human life, with the sick, with the mentally wounded, with the poor and among those suffering from violence in this world and finally with the dying. We always call for a new humanity in dealing with these situations. Here it is given to us. We share in God's philanthropy. Not least because of this we collect our gifts and our love for the people in Central and South America today (Adveniat). But it applies everywhere, also and especially in our closest and closest relationships, what Christmas calls out to us with this word of goodness and philanthropy: Do it like God, become human! Amen.

That one day I would start quoting Catholics, who would have thought. We know that only the unpleasant ones are remembered, those that attract attention - see smokers. But since I prefer to avoid the area around the Catholic Church on Sundays around ten than hinder the free travel of free citizens more often - sorry. It is astonishing with what words a person meets shortly before going to church - not exactly quotable. And to believe in something like God in your sense, my life should have been a little different.
However, if there is one thing in life that I believe in, it is humanity. Or should I say one of my highest values? "You may say I am a dreamer", I know the values ​​and virtues of this society are of a different nature - mammon, achievement and adaptation. And love for a person, especially at Christmas, should best be measured in the (material) value of the gifts. Understandable, since you sacrifice the most sacred things of this culture, but only to reclaim it in the same breath. Taking is more blissful than giving, in order to interpret freely.

The eleventh commandment: never forget the victims of the Holocaust.

And not all those who fell victim to the dark side of human existence. But that black chapter of German history raised this side of man to a cult, made the devil ride a roller coaster. And the people drove enthusiastically. In our day it is important to reveal and ostracize the motives for this action and also to honor all those people to whom such action was alien, including all those to whom it is alien today.

Humanity is like music in a film, if it is good, it is not noticed, only when it is bad will you remember it, you will miss it. If you are human, no one will say, great, that ... - what for - it is not calculated. If you are not a person, well this is a virtue today, some will even take off their hats. But somehow a step backwards into the era of the silent film - some things must first be experienced and also lived in order to learn to appreciate them. Mr. Lehmann speaks of the flood this year, money could even help here, but not only, and how quickly everything will be forgotten again.

German listeners! How bitter it is when the exultation of the world is for defeat, for the deepest humiliation of one's own country! How does this once again show the terrible abyss that had opened up between Germany, the land of our fathers and masters, and the civilized world! [...]
I say: In spite of everything, it is a great hour, Germany's return to humanity. It is hard and sad because Germany could not bring it about on its own.

Thomas Mann on the BBC, May 10, 1945

Less than 6 decades have passed since German bombs laid down foreign countries in ruins, bombs fell on German cities, people were slaughtered because they were different, and disposed of as waste - in the name of the people. Today Germany is preparing for new wars, people and (not only) their rights in this state are trampled underfoot. [There is no question that Saddam Hussein should have no future, but let's remember those who made him what he is today, let's remember what interests meet in Iraq ... HUMANITY ???? - sto eto? - in an uncivilized country there is also no civilian population !? - but oil!] - face of a war (r) s

A war cannot be prevented, everyone wants to make their own mistakes. The father as well as the son. And this state will claim its part, the vultures circling the prey. But we are not citizens of this state, we are part of its conscience. A teacher of mine once said: "No matter how someone approaches you, always be friendly to him, treat him with respect, he will honor it." - with success - it may take time - but it is also permanent. A smile for someone can help, and so can a smile for someone who is having a hard time.

How great the number of sufferings imposed on the heart,
so it is the greatest agony to smile in pain.

Do not judge people by their words (or texts!), They can lie. Human language is too poor to depict all facets of life and when it does, the meaning of individual words will vary from person to person. The syntax may be the same, the semantics may be similar, the pragmatics could not be any different. Evaluate a person based on their life. Live YOUR life, it will give others the strength to live their OWN. If we will be a conscience, one of individuals, with mutual respect and respect, then we will consider violence as something absurd, so I too will be able to speak of the existence of a God, this God will be in all of us. Remember: I am a dreamer.
So far, just thank you to all those who lived and are living part of it. Sometimes there is light in the middle of the darkness, and sometimes it may dazzle.

You are only loved where you can show yourself weak without provoking strength

And the page closes what it began with, a confession to a God who could also be mine - a confession of - humanity:


The people are unreasonable
illogical and self-centered -

If you do good
they will give you selfish motives
and accuse ulterior motives -

If you are successful
do you make false friends and real enemies -

Be successful anyway!

The good that you do
will be forgotten tomorrow -

honesty and openness
make you vulnerable -

Be honest and open anyway!

What you have built up in years of work,
can be destroyed overnight -

Your help is really needed
but people might attack you
if you help them -

Give the world your best
and they knock your teeth out -

Give the world your best anyway!

A day of worry lasts longer than a month of joy.

... and the bouncer
We swear before the whole world on this roll call area, at this place of fascist horror:
We only stop the fight when the last guilty party stands before the judges of the peoples!
The destruction of Nazism with its roots is our watchword. Building a new world of peace and freedom is our goal! We owe that to our murdered comrades, their relatives.

On this side things come together that even I thought were actually incompatible. But belief in another world overcomes borders and be those of belief. Humanism is not tied to religion, on the contrary, religion was (and is) often the cause of inhumane behavior [one can interpret everything, the Bible, the Koran, Marx, Taylor and Ford]. But what unites people again are common values ​​and the will to break the fetters of their own narrow-mindedness.

On which this world does not write its last chapter! And it is not just the Bible that ends with the victory of good over evil, with peace on earth, the annihilation of humanity.

War was, is and remains the destroyer of human values.
Kristina V. Kemper, from "My Grandfather"

Note on the link above:

The disregard for life and the brutality against humans reveal the ability of humans to be inhuman. It cannot and must not be and remain a means of solving conflicts in any way.

Even if Rosa Luxemburg considers the commitment of pacifists as "pathetic half-measures of bourgeois peace apostles& quot and peace declarations from government circles as "diplomatic shadow play& quot denoted [R. Luxemburg: Utopias for Peace], so she remains a remarkable fighter for human rights and peace, especially in view of her time.
Some things may seem strange in their words, from the above to the dictatorship of the proletariat, how strange do the words seem, the other political side of that time [not only that]! And just as with Marx and Co. and other similar "overfathers" I warn against viewing their writings as doctrines and transferring them to today's world without meaning or understanding.

Nowhere in Marx is it written: After me, thinking stops.

Perhaps it is a characteristic of our time, perhaps typically human, that one tries again and again to save one's own efforts by falling back on the past, even if it is apparently unsuitable.
In my understanding, the conservatives, i.e. the right-wing camp, see their salvation in the past, with the left at least opening an eye to new things. The latter has suffered badly in the last century. Here too, demigods were created and religions proclaimed. At the beginning, the goals were praiseworthy, but the implementation unfortunately received an inadequate rating. And it is still better to use the "great thinkers" than to use your own brain.
And like the typical religions, one has a difficult legacy to bear, which not least also promises responsibility towards the future. The (differentiated !!!) look back can sometimes work wonders! Mistakes have always been made and they will never be the last, but it would be fatal to ignore them instead of learning. It would be equally fatal, along with the mistake, to sacrifice ideas that are "inherently correct".
Are peace and humanity part of it? And doesn't one condition the other here?

Every serious call for solidarity, even unselfishness, is an attack on the social system. Any practice of these virtues is deeply subversive because it undermines our order as much as a suicide bombing.

But what does humanism actually mean?

Much used, much burdened and extremely stressed - what one could say about the concept of humanism. Purely on the basis of instinct, everyone will say clearly, unambiguously and I can identify with. Or rather one hears »You eternal do-gooders«...
Robert Hutterer names five different aspects of this term in "The Paradigm of Humanistic Psychology" (Springer, ISBN 3-211-82944-X).

  1. humane, humane, humane, helpful, non-profit, respecting human rights - the colloquial and most frequently used aspect of this term
  2. the philosophical aspect - the view of people, their achievements and interests, rejection of all spiritual attempts to explain the human, attention to reason, democracy and the progress of science
  3. the humanities and cultural studies interpretation, humanists as connoisseurs of languages, literature and history and art; Main focus on the specific intellectual achievements of the human being
  4. a view that embraces the whole human being, nothing human is alien; broadly synonymous with the adjective humane, with the meaning of peculiar to man
  5. ultimately for the benefit of everyone -ism- Terms: Emphasis on the peculiarities of people, the uniqueness, but given in this book without restriction as is otherwise with isms

We live in a dangerous time. Man controls nature before he has learned to control himself.

To get back to myself, it always helps to take a look at the free thinkers, not because I'm particularly lazy, not because the characterization is one hundred percent, but the best description of my underlying worldview. A view that does not look at the human being completely detached, with a respect for his environment, also everything non-human. The knowledge not to be above things, but to belong to them. Striving to understand the world without wanting to dominate them.

But I still advocate the idea that you have to remind your opponent that he too is human.

The best way to do this is to act as one yourself. For a world in peace, a world of humanity and freedom. For a more humane and humane world.

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