What happened in Games of Thrones 8

Game of Thrones: So it goes after the season 8 finale

Game of Thrones has made it over the finish line and leaves a gap in the series landscape that will be difficult or impossible to fill. However, fans do not have to despair, because the legendary fantasy universe will still be after the bittersweet TV finale further expanded. Various projects related to the series are taking shape.

So Game of Thrones will live on for a while in several entertainment media. We owe this in particular to creator George R.R. Martin, as well as the cable broadcaster HBO, which will send us around 2021 at least one new story will be supplied in series form.

Game of Thrones: So it is with the planned spin-offs

In 2018, the news made the rounds that no less than five follow-up series to Game of Thrones should be planned. In the meantime, however, the thicket has thinned: Work is currently "only" on three spin-offs, two of which are still in an early development phase.

On the other hand, that is quite advanced Jane Goldman's project. She is responsible for a prequel that takes place around 8000 years before the mother series and tells us more about the Origins of the White Walkers should betray. Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive) plays a leading role in it - she forms the heart of a lush ensemble cast, which also includes some Harry Potter stars.

One official name The Game of Thrones offshoot has not yet, but insiders recently brought the title Bloodmoon into circulation. The filming of the pilot episode supposedly starts this summer, but it is unclear when we will see the new series.

Regarding one Release date HBO program director Casey Bloys is covered. Meanwhile, he revealed that HBO wants to take its time with development in order to deliver a good result for the fans. A release of the spin-off 2021 is considered unlikely and the fate of the other two series projects may depend on the success of the Goldman series.

We have to get rid of a real Game of Thrones sequel

Definitely not going to come one Sequel to the mother series with the characters we have come to love. Bloys refers to the TV blockbuster as independent work the showrunner David Benioff / D.B. White, which in its original form should not simply be passed on. So we saw Jon, Daenerys and Co. one last time at the Game of Thrones finale.

There won't be a reunion with Arya

There is certainly potential for a real sequel - for example, some fans would like a spin-off with Arya - but HBO categorically rejects this idea. Rather, the station is betting on new ones in the coming years original fabrics and doesn't want to get lost too much in the sequel or prequel mania.

Thanks to George R.R. Martin: We're getting a second Game of Thrones ending

Of course not to be forgotten in all this is George R.R. Martin, who wants to complete his novel series The Song of Ice and Fire with two more books: The Winds of Winter and A dream of spring. The series had to do without the author's templates from season 6, now we can be curious to see how the creator of the fantasy epic concludes his story.

On his official blog, George R.R. Martin already knew that his ending would be similar and different from the series finale. The 70-year-old also indicated in the spring of 2019 that unicorns will also play a role in his last books on The Song of Ice and Fire. Those mythical creatures didn't appear in the HBO production at all.

The downer: a concrete one Release date for The Winds of Winter is still not in sight, but fans have been waiting eagerly for the new band for 8 years now. Most recently, however, Martin announced on his blog that the book was up to Summer 2020 wanting to finish. The release of A Dream of Spring is even more uncertain - according to the author, he has not even started writing here.

In fact, not only are many fans, but also some actors (such as Conleth Hill) disappointed with the series finale. In mid-May 2019, angry viewers even launched a petition demanding that the 8th season be shot again. All the more so biggerexpectations are now on the still outstanding novels of Martin, from which numerous Westeros supporters hope for some kind of compensation.

The Last Watch: The ultimate gift for Game of Thrones fans

After the Game of Thrones finale, HBO has a very special treat in store. The documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, an intimate one, awaits us very soon Portrait about the making of the 8th season.

Allegedly the work goes far beyond a typical making-of, rather we can rely on a "personal report from the trenches of production " looking forward. The makers accompany the cast and crew and report on various turbulences associated with working on the TV blockbuster.

HBO shows Game of Thrones: The Last Watch on the evening of May 26, 2019 in the USA. The two-hour documentary is in Germany on May 27th, 2019 on Sky to see.

What else are you hoping for from the Game of Thrones universe?