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Google AdWords

Google AdSense

With Google AdWords, for example, online shops place ads that are both above and next to the search results on Google, as well as on many small and large websites. All websites that place AdWords advertisements together are called "Display Network" (formerly "AdWords Content Network").
Quote from Google: "Google's content network reaches over 75 percent of all Internet users in more than 100 countries and over 20 languages."
(The page http://www.google.com/ intl / de / adwords / select / afc.html with the quote no longer exists) Many websites place advertisements in order to finance themselves or to generate profits. Most often you will find AdWords ads on websites - partly as text ads, partly via the well-known advertising banners, which advertise products or services in a more or less animated manner. When someone clicks on an ad, Google receives 32% of the cost of the click and the website operator (Google AdSense partner) receives 68%. The click costs are paid by the ad counter (Google AdWords customer).
  • For (online) shops, service providers who want to advertise on the Internet
  • Costs money
  • Google AdWords customers pay Google money when their ads are clicked (most common billing variant).
  • For website operators who include advertising on their website.
  • Brings money
  • 68% of the click costs that the AdWords customer pays to Google are given by Google to the AdSense partner who published the ad on their website.

Who is AdWords for?

Who is AdSense for?

Who is AdWords for?
AdWords ads appear above and next to search almost immediately after they're posted on Google. If your products / services are searched for on Google, AdWords is a great way to drive targeted visitors to your website.
Ads in the display network are a good way to draw attention to your products and services, even if potential customers are not looking for them directly.
Who is AdSense for?
If you consider that one to maybe (!) Three percent of the visitors to a forum etc. click on an ad and Google forwards 68% of the income from it to the website operator, you can extrapolate the income if you consider the price per click on the ads would know. However, these fluctuate extremely.
A click on an ad on the subject of "private health insurance" can cost the advertiser a good 10 euros (not cents!) - but the costs are usually well below one euro.
  • Good for forums, info pages, etc.
  • Flashing advertisements in particular on company homepages can be harmful to the company image.