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Götz Lemberg

Blue Symphony - Sound Journey

Radio version

- Götz Lemberg: announcement - Götz Lemberg: Blue Symphony - radio play - Götz Lemberg: cancellation

Editor: Holger Rink

Technical implementation: Götz Lemberg

Director: Götz Lemberg

Realization: Götz Lemberg

The Blue Symphony describes a brief 'history of the development of human hearing' from the creation of our world to the present. Hundreds of noises and tones can be heard: sonically processed, shortened, rhythmized, connected to a journey through time at gigantic speed. The beginning - nobody knows what he was like. The sound of water, a female voice, cello chords that can only be heard in their overtones form the starting material. This results in large-scale, monochrome carpets that shift and overlap. Then a 'tonal protozoan' develops, enlarges and multiplies with ever new sounds to become audible first movements of life. Sounds from nature - falling stones, water, wind, volcanic eruptions - follow. It gets louder, the sound becomes tangible and dense. Individual animal sounds emerge and mix with human voices. Social life begins ". (Götz Lemberg) Despite this timeline of development, the" Blue Symphony "is not a simple chronicle - the piece unfolds as music in space.

Götz Lemberg, born in Frankfurt / M. In 1963, studied American Studies and History at the Free University of Berlin, in the USA and in England. He worked as an exhibition maker and cultural manager for the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, among others. Under the title "Klangtranstase" he exhibited in the Bremer Glocke (2000). He lives as a freelance artist in Berlin.