What is a very good chef's knife

Which is the best kitchen knife now?

Question to knivesandtools:
A friend of mine is a chef and told me that the Wüsthof Classic knives are the best knives you can buy. Now I see on your website that there are much more expensive knives out there. And there is also a series from your own brand, Eden Quality, which has very good reviews. Which knife is the best now?

Answer from Knivesandtools:
In all fairness, we get this question a lot, and yet it is one of the most difficult questions to answer.

It is true that Wüsthof knives are often cited as the best knives for the professional chef. On the one hand, this has to do with the level of awareness of Wüsthof in the professional cooking world and, on the other hand, with the fact that Wüsthof produces knives that meet the requirements of many professionals and amateur chefs.

When asked which is the best chef's knife, the answer is: It depends on what you expect from a chef's knife.

In reality, a chef's knife (and any other kitchen knife) is a compromise between, among other things, cutting properties, robustness and ease of maintenance.

To make a knife as sharp as possible, it has to be extremely thin, especially on the cut side. In order to get a knife so thin, however, high demands are placed on the hardness and quality of the steel. Hard steel in combination with a thin blade makes a sharp knife more sensitive and also more prone to corrosion.

For many users, Wüsthof knives (but also, for example, Zwilling knives) are an excellent compromise between cutting properties, robustness and ease of maintenance. Because of this, they are often referred to as "the best chef's knives". However, if you want more sharpness and know that you always handle your knives very carefully, then you can opt for a thinner knife. For example one from KAI, Robert Herder or Global.

And then we have our own knife brand: Eden Quality. These knives are cheaper than, for example, knives from Wüsthof and Zwilling, but have an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Classic Damascus knives have the hard AUS-10 steel, which much more expensive knives also have. However, they are ground a little less thin, like the Wüsthof knives. The hard steel makes them well suited to be sharpened on a grindstone at a steeper angle.

So everyone has to answer the question of which knife is the best for themselves. The first question to ask yourself is, "What kind of user am I?" It can be very helpful to read the reviews of the various knives.

Conclusion: We don't sell bad knives. We sell knives from good to very special.