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Defeat the hordes in Days Gone - 8 tips for fighting the masses

So you defeat the hordes in Days Gone.

Fighting against hordes of freakers is a very special challenge in the PS4 game Days Gone, which is sure to make some of you sweat a lot. In our guide we explain how to fight and defeat hordes.

By the way, in this guide we explain where you can find all the hordes on the map:

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Important note in advance: Do not fight the hordes at the beginning!

Theoretically it is possible to fight a freaker horde right in the start region, but we strongly advise against that. Initially Deacon is simply too weak to compete against the masses.

You should also first have unlocked certain weapons and crafting recipes for essential equipment.

In the following we will tell you what you need to fight the hordes and how you can keep them small.

1. Improves health and stamina at Nero control points

Diligently complete Nero checkpoints and improve Deek's stats.

To improve Deacon's stats, go on a search for Nero facilities. There are often many freakers lurking in these places, but once you have overcome them, you will be waving valuable ones in the research containers Nero injections.

They can be used to increase the values ​​of health, endurance and concentration. Deacon's perseverance in particular is essential in the fight against the hordes. If you can only sprint a few meters, you will soon be overrun by the freaks.

You can find all Nero research systems and injections here:

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2. Upgrade your focus to the maximum

In addition to health and stamina, you shouldn't forget Deacon's ability to concentrate or his focus.

What's the point? By pressing the R3 button, you can use this skill to slow down time and distribute targeted headshots in peace. Especially in the hustle and bustle of a horde fight, the ability to concentrate can make the difference between life and death.

3. Best weapon against hordes

The Chicago Chopper is essential.

The Bend Studios give you a large arsenal of weapons in Days Gone. But not every gun is suitable to finish off a whole horde. The gun you should definitely not do without is the Chicago Chopper submachine gun, which you will find quite late in the game.

Where can I find the gun? Go to the local arms dealer at Wizard Island Camp. The MP is available here for an impressive 3,000 credits, according to the case you have already risen to rank 2.

What Makes the Chicago Chopper So Good? The gun kills enemies with a high rate of fire and has 55 bullets in the magazine. If you have unlocked the ranged combat skill "Reload", you have 330 shots at your disposal.

One hit is enough and your enemies wander forever into the realm of the dead. If the saddlebags are still on your bike, you have enough firepower to take on even the largest horde.

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4. Craft and use enough explosive weapons

Boom! The best way to fight freakers is by fire and explosions.

As the name Horde suggests, we are dealing with a lot of freaks who are gathering together in one place on the map. And what works best against a large group of enemies? Sure, weapons with a large explosive range.

Fortunately, there are a lot of them in Days Gone, but you have to craft them via the Radial menu to use them. If you have unlocked the survival ability "Carry Your Package", you can carry up to six explosive weapons of one type with you.

You unlock crafting recipesby taking out looter camps. Every time you enter a bunker after taking out your enemies, there is a valuable recipe.

However, you only get some explosive weapons in the course of the story, for example the powerful Napalm Molotov. And there we are again at our preliminary tip: Do not tackle hordes until you are advanced enough!

5. Buy saddlebags for your bike from these dealers

If you have saddlebags, you can take more ammunition with you.

Very early on in the game, you can add additional storage space for Deacon's beloved Drifter bike at Manny's at Copeland Camp to buy.

You can find the first saddlebag at the mechanic's under the menu item Storage and ensure that you can take more ammunition with you in the future. For the upgrade, however, you have to rise to rank 2 in the camp and have an additional 800 credits on the high edge.

You can find the other saddlebags in Lost Lake camp at the mechanic's.

  • Saddlebags 1 (carry ammunition, Copeland camp, rank 2, 800 credits)
  • Saddlebags 2 (More Ammo, Lost Lake, Rank 2, 1,600 Credits)
  • Saddlebags 3 (More Ammo, Lost Lake, Rank 3, 2,400 Credits)

If you fight hordes of up to 500 freaks in the endgame, you will urgently need the additional ammunition. If the magazines of your weapon are empty, just go to the bike and fill them up again.

6. Set traps before you scare off the hordes

Good planning is essential in the case of the hordes. Keep an eye on the freakers and use binoculars to see where they will pass in the event of a fight.

Have you done that, sneak quietly to the places and place one or the other trap. Deacon has some nasty means against the putrid gang at his disposal, from the anti-personnel mine to remote control bombs to bear traps.

Remote control bombs are particularly useful. It is best to place them on explosive barrels for devastating damage or on the walls of narrow streets and lure the pack through. With the right timing, you can blow up several at once.

7. Better to fight hordes during the day!

During the day it is easier for you to deal with the pack.

Hordes sleep during the day - that's when you should attack. During the day it is easier to deal with the beasts because they usually linger close together in narrow spaces such as caves. And you should take advantage of that, for example, to throw grenades or Molotovs into the crowd to kill several of them at the same time.

In addition, you don't have to deal with other freaks during the day who are bustling around in the area in addition to the horde.

8. Freakers are faster than you, but you can still escape this way

Do not be afraid to flee in the horde fight.

Freakers usually run faster than Deacon, but you can still run away in the middle of a fight if you follow certain rules.

Find escape spots: In the fighting region you will usually find certain spots with which you can get a decisive lead in time when running away. Study the environment before a fight and you will discover holes in fences or slightly opened garage doors, through which Deacon can squeeze through to leave charging freakers behind for a short time.

You can also rely on evasive roles. Once you have Freakers on your neck, they will roll over you and kill you very quickly. If an infected person comes too close to you, always use a roll to avoid them (R1) instead of trying to sprint away from them. This is usually how you can avoid devastating attacks.

What else you need to know about hordes

The really big hordes can only be found in the last two regions.

When are hordes defeated? When every single freaker has given up the spoon and the life meter at the top drops to zero. If even a single infected person makes away, then the horde is not over. It is all the more important to tackle the disgust collectives during the day because they can then be followed more easily.

Hordes grow stronger with each region. In the first two regions (Cascade and Belknap) you will encounter smaller ones, the region around Lost Lake is home to medium-sized hordes and the regions of Crater Lake and Highway 97 are large hordes with up to 500 freaks. But you grow with your tasks, right?

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What you need to know about the endgame hordes

After you have completed the main story, all hordes are automatically marked on the map. The hunt for the remaining freak masses is the endgame of Days Gone - and it even brings you many advantages.

If you defeat hordes, then:

  • you will quickly reach level 3 in all camps because you get a lot of confidence and ears
  • can unlock all 45 skills because you get a lot of XP

The larger the defeated horde, the more points of experience and trust you will get.

Have you defeated hordes in Days Gone yet? What are your tips?

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