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Cheatday - How useful is cheating really?

Whether building muscle, a few pounds less or simply a defined body. The Cheatday belongs in every nutrition plan. We explain whether cheating makes sense and what you should definitely pay attention to.

30% training, 70% nutrition. If you want to work specifically on your body, you need one Nutrition plan. Preferably with cheatdays. Why? Because they help you achieve your goal.

Cheatday - what is it?

“Cheat” means “to cheat”. A cheat day is a day on which you do not adhere to the strict guidelines of your nutrition plan, but simply and simply eat what you feel like eating. Sounds like a dream? It is. The Cheatday makes yours Nutrition plan more bearable and helps you achieve your goal.

That's why you should love cheat days

1. Cheatdays make it easier to persevere

Cake for a birthday, brunch with friends and an after-work beer with colleagues. Have you said goodbye to that long ago in order to achieve your comfort body? Not the best idea. The likelihood of you being the constant Foregoing fun in the long run and you fall back into old patterns or frustrated indifference is great.

Instead, plan on cheat days. You know that you are Brunch on Sundays like to go well? Or that the regular table Thursday will never be as much fun without a burger and beer as it was before? Then make these days your cheat day.

The prospect a day after Moodmakes it easier to persevere on the other days. If you get stuck with them, make sure you have healthy and sensible snacks with you.

2. Cheatdays keep your metabolism busy

If you eat fewer calories over a longer period of time, than you actually need, your metabolism adapts. That means that your body is in a kind permanent energy saving mode switches and yours Basal metabolic rate yourself permanently reduced. If you eat more again, that's it Jojo effect preprogrammed.

Avoid regular cheat days these effects. You bring the Metabolism back in full swing and stimulate the entire organism. And: The extra carbs on Cheatday make you happy.

3. Change in diet? Cheatdays make it easier.

Introduce yourself, the cheat day comes when you don't feel like cheating at all, but rather keep eating your fitness food. Do not you think? But it can happen. After a while, your head and body get used to it new diet and understand them as absolutely normal. And if you are already eating what you feel like eating, why do you have a cheat day?

Cheatday - This is what you should watch out for

1. Calculate the weekly calorie balance

The prerequisite for any diet success is still this Calorie balance. If you want to build muscle, you have to eat more calories than you use. When accepting it is the other way around.

An example: You want to lose weight and have calculated that you can eat 1500 calories every day to reach your goal in 12 weeks. That makes 10,500 kcal a week. So if you only eat 1300 kcal for 6 days instead of 1500 you can eat whole on Cheatday 2700 kcal take to you. Have fun!

By the way: In case you don't know how best to do it Calorie needs for your goal calculate, our calorie calculator will help you.

2. Only treat yourself to what you really want

Cheat Day how often? Even the Cheatday is not there to senselessly feed things into you just because you can. Listen carefully to yourself what you really want. And then enjoy it. It is of course ideal if you are up on Cheatday healthier sweetswhen chips and chocolate bets.

3. Find your cheat rhythm

Opinions are divided about how often a cheatday is good. The most common concept is one cheatday per week. 6 days of discipline - 1 day of cheating. But some also swear by 13 days of discipline - 1 day of cheating. Our tip: See what suits you better.

Cheating only every 2 weeks may get you there faster than feasting once a week. At the same time, however, it requires more discipline and may not fit your life well.

Study proves the success of Cheatdays

A study from Skidmore College in New York did one over a 3 month period Study on Cheat Day carried out. The subjects have lost an average of 5 kilos and beyond that, unconsciously you Eating behavior changed for the better.

In some cases, this led to the fact that some of the test subjects had become so used to their new eating habits that by the end of the 3 months they no longer felt like going on the Cheatday. Instead it was healthy eating habitsthat matched their goals normality become.

Cheatday and losing weight

Whatever your goal - lose weight or build muscle. In the end, that's always what counts average calorie balance a certain time, for example a week. From a purely mathematical point of view, it is possible to lose weight despite a cheat day on which you go over the top. For you this means that you have to compensate for the excess calories that you achieve with the Cheat Day through the remaining days. In the end, what counts is that you reach a calorie deficit on a weekly average.

Would you like to know what your BMI says about your fitness level? We give you the best nutrition tips and product recommendations.

Calculate your BMI

Having one cheat a week also means that you are on an extremely restricted diet for the rest of the week. For us, banning certain foods is not a long-term solution.

For weight loss goals, we recommend your Changing your diet in the long term. Not just for one season, but for your whole life. A balanced nutrition without prohibitions and a moderate calorie deficit ensures you the sustainable weight loss that you want. You also control annoying things in this way Food cravings and one possible Jojo effectopposite. Who wants a feel-good body that you only have one season of?

Find healthier alternatives and if you fancy something sweet, allow yourself that too. Portion control is the be-all and end-all here. Learn to enjoy and eat consciously - our recipe collection will help you with this. Balance is the key!

Healthy alternatives

For us, cheat days only make sense if they are associated with one-off events. Are you planning a family reunion or a birthday dinner? Individual meals of this type are often associated with a social event. Everyone knows these situations in which the nutrition plan suddenly becomes irrelevant. The focus here is on conviviality and enjoyment.


  • A cheat day can help you to achieve your goals faster, especially in muscle building and diet phases.
  • Cheatday makes it easier for you to stick to your eating plan.
  • Despite cheat days, your weekly calorie balance has to be right.
  • You should test for yourself how often a cheatday makes sense for you.

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