Did you work with your 8th chakra?

Hello dear Pure Heart friends

Please excuse the delay. It is a very wild time and the Beltane preparations are in full swing. It will be a wonderful festival. 30 wonderful people are working hard to make sure you have a wonderful day. What touches me so much is holding this vision of love and respect. You have come up with great activities. Wonderful ceremonies of the 1st circle and the men from the brotherhood of Verena and Kel Amrun. The ceremonies are wonderfully accompanied with live music and first the various temples! We celebrate in the summer and celebrate the love that is so necessary to heal our world. I am very touched and incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. On this way, a huge thank you! We also have great exhibitors with handmade things. For those who travel by public transport, a shuttle bus from Reutlingen train station (7 min with the S12 from Winterthur). The times are on my homepage.

We consciously want to set an example so that there is more peace on this earth. Day tickets are limited so if possible get your ticket now. Hold the field of love with us.

Many are stuck in this deep spring fatigue. Everything runs so incredibly fast and we feel like we're working like a machine. Yes, we are overwhelmed with so much and it is difficult for us to recharge our batteries. So I asked the great goddess what we can do to restore the balance.

Connect with your root chakra! This chakra represents so many topics. Protection, roots, your connection to the cosmos, belonging, abundance, life energy, sexual energy and your right to live without masks. The primal knowledge that you are perfect, just as you are. So when issues of not-being-good-enough arise, it is very important to purify your root chakra. In addition, it includes the topic of independence, i.e. standing on your own two feet. Firmly rooted and without attachment. Here are some tips ...

- Take some time off. For example, times when you are quiet and not talking to anyone. Without TV, Facebook etc. Just turn off your computer and mobile phone.

- Lie on a meadow and enjoy your being. Before you go to bed, ask for a good night's sleep. Give yourself the time to sleep properly there too. And every time your thoughts circle, ask Archangel Raphael to take your thoughts away so that you can sleep soundly. This happens very quickly and works wonderfully!

- Treat yourself to a sea salt bath regularly to cleanse your energy field and ask your spiritual helpers to disconnect all etheric tubes.

- Pay attention to the times of silence before you tackle the next one. The spaces in between. The moment before you put your fingers on the keyboard or press the button for the coffee machine. We are constantly changing. No matter what we do. Every step leads to the next. In between there is always the moment of silence. Feel into this.

- Go barefoot

- Red socks and if they don't go with the clothes hehe, use a red pomander from Aura-Soma. Massage a few drops on the soles of the feet (not before going to bed)

- Put one hand on the front of your root chakra and one on the back. Take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation below until a warm feeling spreads across your lap. You can use an affirmation for your specific situation. Feel where you are right now and what you need.

- Please help. Yes I know this is difficult but it is worth it. I speak from experience.

- Be grateful that you live and are allowed to have all these wonderful experiences here on earth. Make them aware. Welcome life.

Ask yourself what exactly is draining your energy and what can you do about it. You already know the answer deep in your heart. Letting go just means that certain things no longer control your life. In this sense: have a good rest ...

Affirmation: I am deeply rooted in the here and now. I am protected and completely loved. My sleep is restful and refreshing. I am good the way I am.

Pure Heart Music Tip: Sheila Noll- You can relax now

Come bathe in the field of love on May 1st. Refill your battery. Tickets are available in the temple or by mail. Set an important example together with us.

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Lover Rhiannon

Workshop for women

In this workshop you will get to know your sacred, sexual priestess self and integrate into you - detached from patriarchy. With the help of the Celtic love goddess Rhiannon, you will learn to embody and feel her. In this safe, sacred space, we share our experiences and heal our sexual wounds. Cleanse your lap and discover our Holy Grail. We learn new sensual techniques with the gift of presence and devotion. We open ourselves to consciously making love in our relationships. We deepen our sex appeal with conscious, sensual touch and gently open ourselves to sexual healing. We hold sacred space to one another as sisters. This course contains nudity.

Course date: 24.-26. April 2015

From 10 a.m. to approx. 5.30 p.m. in the Pure Heart Center, Obergasse 40,

8400 Winterthur.

Energy exchange: Fr. 500.-

I'm happy for you!

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It is a great honor for me to introduce you to Anique Radiant Heart! Yeah, she's coming to Switzerland! Chanting the Chakras - Workshop with Anique Radiant Heart

A path to the goddess through shamanic energy work, chant, breath, movement and imagination.

From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy; everything in our universe has a vibration. Things that we perceive as not alive, like stones, vibrate on a deeper level. Light, at the other extreme, vibrates at a very high level. In these levels we humans perceive very specific frequencies, which we call tones. Music can be orchestrated to manifest specific intentions.

In the Eastern traditions, wise healers have always worked with the chakras. Conscious energy centers in our body. Long before the yoga traditions from India and Asia with chakra work became popular, shamanic women and medicine women knew about the power of the chakras in our physical body. These are the connections to your mind and the wellbeing in your body. They also needed the power of voice and sound while working with the chakras.

In this workshop we work with chant, imagination and the goddess in their different archetypes to bring our chakras into balance. We explore and understand the sacred connections to our energy centers and to the archetypes of the Goddess. We create exercises that you can flow into your everyday life to keep the energy and vibration of your chakras high.

When: 22. + 23. August 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Film Hall, Teuchelweiher multipurpose facility, Zeughausstrasse 67, 8400 Winterthur

Energy exchange: Fr. 480.-

Anique Radiant Heart is a High Priestess of Global Goddess, Goddess Scholars, Sacred Singer Songwriter, Author of "Chanting the Chakras- A Path to the Goddess Through Energetic Use of the Voice", International Spiritual Teacher and a Beloved Member of the International Goddess Community.

She's an old sage in her sixties. Anique has created several CDs in honor of the great goddess and goddess festivals, led conferences and various tours to the places of power of this world. For many years she has had a goddess temple for people who seek her close. She is currently teaching a three year old priestess training of the Global Goddess in Maitland, Australia.

She is committed to women who want to regain their natural authority. Anique teaches women to find strength and joy on their way to the divine feminine.



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Events and Workshops 2015!

Friday April 17th Flame of Love- The Red Tent of the Rhiannon (For women)

24.-26. April Lover Rhiannon Workshop

Friday, May 1st Beltane Fest (Organized by the Priestess School + Brotherhood with special guest Kel Amrun)

Tuesday May 5th Lunar Circle

Tuesday, May 12th temple dance

Wednesday, May 13th White Tent of the wild hunt (for men)

Tuesday, May 19th Flame of Love- The Rhiannon's Red Tent (For women)

1-6 June Avalon Workshop in Glastonbury England (fully booked)

Tuesday June 9th temple dance

Wednesday June 10th White Tent of the wild hunt (for men)

Tuesday June 16 Flame of Love- The Rhiannon's Red Tent (For Women)

Tuesday, June 23, 7:00 p.m. Litha annual festival ceremony

Thursday July 2nd lunar circle

11th + 12th July Rhiannon the mermaid workshop with Katinka Soetens

Wednesday 15th July White Tent of the wild hunt (for men)

Thursday, July 16th Flame of Love- The Rhiannon's Red Tent (For Women)

Wednesday July 22nd temple dance

Tuesday, August 4th, 7:00 p.m. Annual Lammas Ceremony

Friday, August 14th Flame of Love- The Red Tent of the Rhiannon (For women)

Friday August 21st From Diva to Devotion concert by Anique Radiant Heart

22nd + 23rd August Chant the Chakras Workshop with Anique Radiant Heart

Friday, August 28th lunar circle

Tuesday, September 8th temple dance

Tuesday, September 15th Flame of Love- The Rhiannon's Red Tent (For women)

Saturday, September 19th Make it Happen Workshop

Sunday 20th September 12th Chakra Workshop

Monday September 21st Mabon ceremony

Saturday, September 26th Art der Rhiannon for women with Katinka Soetens

Sunday, September 27th Art der Rhiannon for men with Katinka Soetens

Tuesday, September 29th lunar circle

Wednesday October 7th temple dance

10th + 11th October Start of the Verena Brotherhood annual training

Tuesday, October 13th Flame of Love- The Red Tent of the Rhiannon (For women)

Wednesday October 14th White Tent of the wild hunt (for men)

17. + 18. October Start of the Verena Sisterhood annual training

23-25 October Triple goddess workshop in Einsiedeln

Tuesday, October 27th lunar circle

Sunday November 1st Samhain ceremony

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Until next week! The sky is the limit! Pure Heart ... make a change!

Blessed be, Stephanie

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