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Fresh from the freezer: freeze pies and cakes properly


What a treat! Your cake was delicious, but unfortunately your guests didn't hit the spot as you expected. In short: half a cake is left after the party or a leisurely coffee. The obvious choice if you don't want to eat everything at once is to freeze. But is it that easy? Can any cake be frozen or are there exceptions? What must be taken into account so that taste and quality do not suffer? And how long can you actually store the sweets in your freezer? You can find out in this blog post!

Cake and Co - what can be put in the freezer?

For those with a sweet tooth who like to have a few cakes and pies in stock, there is bad news: Not all sweet pastries can be frozen equally well. Rather, there are some cakes and cake-like dishes that are not suitable for the freezer. The following rule of thumb applies: the more water the cake contains, the more difficult it is to freeze. Conversely, this also means that dry cakes are usually easy to freeze. Marble, chocolate or lemon cakes are among them, for example. It becomes problematic with pastries that contain a jam filling or that have been provided with buttercream and pudding. While the former is usually mushy after thawing, the latter loses its quality as it can become watery. Fluffy meringues and macaroons can become tough when frozen, while the gelling power of cake icing and gelatine is lost at the low temperatures. Quark and some fruit cakes also meet the fate of mushy. However, cream cakes are surprisingly easy to store in the freezer.

Freezing tips and tricks

If you have decided to freeze, you should consider some key data. First of all, your pastries should be completely cooled down before freezing. Divide whole cakes into smaller portions if you are not sure whether all of the cakes will be consumed after defrosting. Because hardly any food can survive freezing twice without losing its taste! We also recommend wrapping the cake or tart tightly in aluminum foil without the influence of air. The classic freezer bag is also an alternative. Immediately enter the date of freezing - frozen baked goods usually have a shelf life of four months, so you can see at a glance how long ago they were frozen. If you want to fill the chest in large quantities, you should add the food one by one, about six to eight hours apart. If your freezer has the "Superfrost" setting, it will be activated one hour before freezing.

At least -18 degrees Celsius are the best prerequisites for a successful result, a maximum of two to three kilos of food is the recommended maximum filling quantity.

Coming back from the freezer: the right way to defrost

The time has finally come and you can get your frozen pastries back out of the chest. So that you can really enjoy it, you should first remove the cake from the foil or the freezer bag when defrosting it; otherwise unnecessary moisture is created. If you have enough time, slow thawing in the refrigerator is recommended. An alternative is to warm up at room temperature, for which you have to allow around five hours. A special tip for yeast pastries: If you heat them up in the microwave for a few minutes just before serving, they'll taste like they're fresh from the oven! So you have a real treat for the palate even months after the baking day.