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Practical test (episode)

Practical test is the third episode of the first season of the series Supergirl.


Supergirl's powers are put to the test when Reactron, an enemy of Superman, shows up in National City. Cat is planning a long article about the heroine.


During the interview, Supergirl gossips and Cat Grant learns that she and Superman are cousins.

Like every day, Kara Danvers is in the Zimtschnecken restaurant. James Olsen shows up to pick up his tea and Alex Danvers shows up to talk to Kara. It is reported on television that Superman and Supergirl are related to each other.

At CatCo Worldwide Media, Cat Grant tells that she will publish a special edition of the monthly magazine and that Kara will organize a lounge party for 1000 guests. She should also put Dave at another table.

Through a report on television, Reactron also learns that Superman and Supergirl are cousins.

Hank Henshaw is also not enthusiastic about the interview. Kara tells her sister that she did it for James Olsen, and Agent Vasquez reports on a traffic accident.

Supergirl flies there and frees a trapped bus driver. But then Reactron appears and attacks Supergirl. But because his suit is damaged, he flies away. But the D.E.O. does not want to work at Reactron because he is human.

At CatCo, Cara wants to talk to Cat about the party, aver Cat is too nervous. Then Winn Schott leads Kara and James into Ned Flaherty's former office because it is to become the new Supergirl headquarters. There James tries to persuade Kara to call Superman for help, but Kara refuses.

At Lord Technologies, Maxwell Lord wants the new super train to have blue stripes and a top speed of 500 km / h. Reactron appears and is looking for an expert in core technology, Maxwell Lord offers himself. Due to a television report, Supergirl flies to Lord Technologies and learns that Maxwell Lord has been kidnapped.

On the phone, Kara explains to a person that all hostesses should wear Supergirl outfits during the party when Alex appears and offers to help hunt Reactron. She states that Reactron's weapon system is powered by thorium 232, which can only be found in the Bakerline nuclear power plant.

Ben Krull has tied Maxwell Lord and demands that he repair his suit.

Kara shares her opinion with Cat Grant about the Supergirl article. James Olsen takes Kara out because he wants to tell her that Winn found Reactron's whereabouts in a junkyard.

Supergirl flies there and frees Maxwell Lord. Reactron attacks and seems to win the fight. But Superman appears and Reactron flees.

Kara comes to in her apartment and sees a TV report in which Maxwell Lord thanks his savior Superman. Kara learns from James that it was he who called Superman for help. After James is trapped, Alex gives Kara a dress from the D.E.O. Fund for the party.

At the party, Cat Grant blames Kara for being late, but Winn saves her and dances with Kara. Cat Grant dances with Maxwell Lord.

In the D.E.O. At Headquarters, Hank Kenshaw notices that Alex is helping her sister with Reactron and decides to join in.

At the party, James appears to dance with Kara and explain to her why he called Superman. Reactron appears and asks for Supergirl. And Kara disappears to come back as a supergirl. In the next fight, Supergirl saves Winn from a falling pillar and James Olsen lures Reactron outside.

Alex Danvers and Hank Henshaw contact Supergirl and explain how Reactron can be defeated. Therefore, Supergirl melts a statue with her heat eye and dips her right hand in liquid lead. With this hand she removes the core from Reactron's suit and can defeat him.

Supergirl thanks Hank and Alex for the help. Kara later meets James Olsen and Lucy Lane in his office. This depresses her, but the news she gets from Clark Kent builds her up again.


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  • "Keeping Up with the Kryptonians" is a reference to "Keeping Up with the Kardeshians"
  • "Millennial Falcon" is a reference to the "Millennium Falcon" from Star Wars. Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart's husband, stars in Star Wars. The Millennial is the generation born between 1980 and 1999.