How to be enchanted in Minecraft

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The availability of enchantments in Minecraft ranges from too high and requires experience points and bookshelves. To achieve the highest enchantments, 15 bookshelves must surround your enchantment table. (The bookcases do not need to be linked, however.)

To get a lower enchantment, consider adding a block, e.g. Place a piece of carpet or a torch between the enchantment table and a bookcase. Unfortunately, you don't have complete control over which enchantment is available.

After creating an enchantment table, you can enchant a tool or armor as follows:

  1. Open your enchantment screen by right-clicking on the enchantment table.

    The enchanting screen shows a place to place items and 3 buttons.

  2. Choose the tool or armor or other item (like a book) to be enchanted.

    Hooves, scissors and horse armor cannot be enchanted on a table.

  3. Make the enchantment table with lapis lazuli.

    In the latest version of Minecraft, your enchanting table has to be powered by lapis lazuli in order to enchant things. You do this by placing lapis lazuli in the second block of the enchantment table. Place the same number of lapis lazuli as you have numbers on the right.

    Then you are given three options that only show the experience points needed for the spell and, by moving your mouse over the option, one of the enchantments that you are guaranteed to get with one, two or three as your price. You will not be given any indication of whether you will receive any other enchantments for the item you are enchanting.

  4. Pick one of the three options at random.

    The options are labeled in a special language (with runic characters), but even if they are encrypted, the rune combination does not reveal the enchantment. The higher the level option, the higher the enchantment you will receive. To know what the item was enchanted with, click with the mouse over the item in your inventory and the enchantment will be displayed under the item name.

    To get around the problem of not knowing what an item will be enchanted with, many players choose to enchant a book, reveal the enchantment, and then use the book on an anvil to apply a specific enchantment to the desired object . For a list of enchantments, see Table 8-1.

The one, two, and three are your expense. If you choose one you will have to pay an experience point and a lapis lazuli. If you pay three points, you have to pay three experience points and three lapis lazuli.

Here is a list of enchantments.

enchantment effect object
protection Decreases the damage armor
Fire protection Reduces fire damage armor
Falling spring Reduces the fall damage Boots
Explosion protection Decreases explosion damage armor
Thorns Harm attacker Armor (helmet, boots, gaiters only on anvil)
Bullet Protection> Reduces the damage of the projectile armor Aqua infinity
Increases the speed of underwater mining helmet breathing
Increases underwater breathing helmet Depth rider
Increases underwater movement < stiefel=""> plunder Increases mortar shells
sword Recoil Increases the range of a mob when hit
sword Fire aspect Put objects on fire
sword Curse of the anthropods Increase damage to spiders, silverfish, and endemics
Sword and ax (ax only on anvil) Sharpness Increases the damage
Sword and ax (ax only on anvil) torment Increases damage to skeletons, zombie it and the withers
Sword and ax (ax only on anvil) Fortune Increases block falls
Sword, shovel, ax Silk note Mine blocks fall off
Pickaxe, shovel, ax and scissors (scissors on anvil) Efficiency Increases the rate of degradation
Pickaxe, shovel, ax and scissors (scissors on anvil) Curls Increases the rate of fish biting
fishing rod Happiness of the sea Reduces the likelihood of garbage when fishing
fishing rod Infinity Shooting does not use up arrows
arc Blow Increases recoil
arc flame Put arrows on fire
arc force Increases the damage
arc Unbreaking Increases durability
Armor, sword, bow, fishing pole, ax, shovel and pickaxe; with an anvil - scissors, flint and steel, carrot on a stick, and hoe