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The little dragon coconut explores the dinosaurs / The little dragon coconut - All right! Vol. 1 (1 audio CD)

CD1All right! - theme song00:02:562The dragon secret00:03:493The geological ages of the dinosaurs00:02:274Departure into the Triassic00:04:125Excursion to the Jurassic Age00:04:126Danger in the Cretaceous Period00:06:417The dinosaur name song00:04:048Everything you need to know about the T-Rex!00:04:439The marine dinosaur00:04:1810The dinosaurs of the sky00:03:0711The dinosaur records song00:02:4412The dinosaurs and their offspring00:04:2413The coexistence of the dinosaurs00:03:0714The end of the dinosaurs00:04:1715The geological age song00:04:4516Why do we know so much about dinosaurs?00:03:3617Where you can still see dinosaurs today00:03:0418Dinos and dragons: Grandpa J├╝rgen knows!00:03:4419Secret revealed: Dino good, all good!00:01:2720All right! - theme song00:03:12