Lady Louise Windsor is blind

Lady Louise Windsor:
5 unknown facts

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are often the focus when it comes to the offspring of the British royals. Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor also has a remarkable development behind her. The eldest child of Prince Edward and Countess Sophie has turned 16 and is slowly moving into the public spotlight.

Lady Louise is the youngest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and 13th in succession to the British throne. In addition, there are other interesting facts about the royal teenager.

1. Born prematurely

Lady Louise Windsor was born on November 8, 2003 in Frimley, Great Britain. She was born a month earlier than originally planned. That is why her father, Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest son, was not at the side of his wife Countess Sophie when she was born. At that time he had an official visit to Mauritius

Louise was born as a premature baby with a caesarean section and was only 2 kilos at birth. As is not uncommon for premature babies, she also had to struggle with a misalignment of the eyes, which could only be completely eliminated after a second operation in 2014.

2. A lake bears her name

When father visited Prince Edward Canada in 2008 to pay tribute to the Canadian military for their mission in Afghanistan, he was presented with a surprising gift: According to two framed documents, there were two lakes in Manitoba after his children, Lady Louise, at that time 4 years old, and named James, just 5 months old.

3. Talent as a coachman

There are not too many pictures of Lady Lousie yet. However, one can clearly see their preference for horses. It even goes so far that the royals prove their talent as a coach driver at horse shows. A passion that she undoubtedly shares with her famous grandmother.

4. Couldn't believe her grandmother was the queen

Speaking of famous grandmother: Growing up largely apart from the public and living a relatively "normal" life, Lady Louise as a toddler could not believe that the Queen was actually her real grandmother.

In an interview with the BBC, her mother, Countess Sophie, revealed that Louise came home one day, visibly shocked, after people told her that her grandmother was the Queen of England.

5. Prominent wedding guest

From a very young age, Lady Louise had the pleasure of attending fairytale weddings that royals fans could only dream of. She wasn't just the bridesmaid at Prince William and Prince Kate's wedding. She and her brother James were also invited as very special guests to the wedding of their cousin Princess Eugenie.

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