Can dogs think people are ugly?

Why do people keep attack dogs?

Why?  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 17:17:13
Why do people keep attack dogs?

First of all, I am a big animal and dog lover and don't want to blame the dogs themselves - after all, they can't help the fact that they are attack dogs and that they are usually kept by people who are quite anti-social. Of course, one cannot generalize here either, but it is a fact that more anti-social than normal people keep fighting dogs. Never have I seen a cute pet dog in any aggressive gangsta rap music video. Attack dogs, on the other hand, are seen there regularly.

Although I had a dog myself for a long time and love dogs, I have to say that I am somehow very scared of fighting dogs. I know that I may be doing the animals injustice by doing this. I am also aware that a fighting dog is not automatically aggressive or dangerous just because it is a fighting dog and that a lot depends on training. But that's exactly the point. I'm scared because I know that these dogs are mostly kept by anti-social people, who you don't know what they do with these dogs. That's why I always feel very uncomfortable when I meet a fighting dog. Especially when it is led by a woman or without a leash. And that in the middle of the city. What shoud that? Not letting dogs run around on a leash in the middle of a big city is something I find in absolutely every breed of dog. You just don't do that.

What I'm actually wondering is why people are so keen on keeping attack dogs in the first place? There are so many different breeds of dogs, why fighting dogs? I don't see the need for it at all. And you can't even say that the justification lies in the fact that these dogs are particularly beautiful / cute. No, they're ugly, sorry. That's why I find people who want or have attack dogs very critical per se. Even if they are not necessarily classified as "anti-social".

The highlight for me was that a fellow student once brought her attack dog to a university event. I think that's pretty bold and inconsiderate. Not only because there are many people who are afraid of fighting dogs or dogs in general, but also because there are allergies etc.

Can you explain why so many people want attack dogs? What's so great about these dogs? What's the attraction about it? Or are they really just clumsy, disgusting antisocials?

And what are the regulations and requirements for keeping fighting dogs? And to what extent is that even enforced?
Tit roof  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 17:28:15
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
From why? Can you explain why so many people want attack dogs? What's so great about these dogs? What's the attraction about it? Or are they really just clumsy, disgusting antisocials?
Because they have a small penis and / or are not that intelligent?
At least that's my impression when I meet the owners of fighting dogs.
Incidentally, no one in my circle of friends has such a dog or intends to buy one. Would confirm my thesis, because there are only people with IQ> 100 ...
Gripping  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 17:29:02
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
I would definitely buy a big, strong dog (or several) for my house and yard, who can keep away / scare off anti-social rascals (Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.). Such a dog embodies strength, gives a certain security.

But I agree with a lot of things: Most of the time it is tattooed (= criminal) who hold such dogs and then it is always "Mimimimi, but my dog ​​is really nice and doesn't do anything". Pure tolerance propaganda if you ask me. Any lower class people need not these mutts and as you say correctly, you cannot trust them to lead them sensibly (see your fellow student who had the dog with her, 100% is tattooed, pierced and lives in actual poverty. 'N Zwanni, if you prove something else to me).

As a protection / guard dog, yes. As a pure pet, no. Totally stupid, unnecessary.

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product  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 18:40:11
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
From griffin Tattooed (= criminal)
If that falls is the same category as
Women (= whores)

Somehow I like the insights into Greifi's small, simple world.
DogEatDog  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 19:18:28
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
QuoteThere are so many different breeds of dogs, why fighting dogs?

What a "fighting dog" is and what is not is above all an arbitrary definition on the "rattle lists".

There were also rascal lists here for people ... it's not that much of a difference ...
the "keepers" whose culture and upbringing are the problem, not the breed, even if dogs have certain genetics from breeding here and there.

But whether the dog shows dangerous biting behavior or malignancy does not necessarily have to do with its coat color or breed name. But it is suspected until the dog has proven otherwise ...
With the same authorization, sman could also introduce such a "behavior test" for people who come from other cultures and show conspicuous stabbing, robbery and rape behavior, show that they are not allowed on the street without electric ankle cuffs, chains and chastity belts?
They even "dock" their tail, mutilate Hundi's tail and ears because it should look better is forbidden for animal welfare reasons. If you are born with a false religion, you cut off your foreskin or labia ... Some people tie boards in front of their head that deforms their skull grows. Of course, this does not trigger trauma in the psychoanalystic sense, but that is "freedom" and so on ...

Shepherds are not defined as fighting dogs in Germany, for example ... And what do the police and others run around with as "service dogs" and incite them on people that the dog should bite them? Not with any bull terriers but with German and Belgian shepherds.
Dangerous? Old German varieties like the yellow cheek are also big and are quite able to keep wolves away. If they are properly trained, then they are at least just as if not more dangerous than a Rottweiler.

When it comes to biting accidents, shepherds and golden retrievers are also very high up, the popular "family dog" of the German philistines often gets rapper and is just as disordered as children in certain families.

If you hit such a white whiny emo kiddie with red jeans long enough in the face and drill then you can later put a rifle in your hand and parachute him somewhere that he shoots people ... maybe comes with PTSD back or something ... but there are psychiatrists for that.
Angelus Noctis  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 19:19:13
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
I do not understand your problem. Dog fights have been banned in Germany since 1895 and dogs that were used against people never existed in Germany. Maybe that makes Jon-Ung or whatever his name is.

In all honesty, I don't think that you have ever met a fighting dog or that you know someone who would like one. Perhaps some Hells Angels followers have one in the basement, but you will not meet such dogs in public because, as I said, they are forbidden.

By the way, a fighting dog is not a breed of dog.
the one  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 19:48:31
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
Dear thread creator, I bet you that you've never seen a fighting dog (dog used in dog fights) in your life. These dogs are kept in some kind of shack in some cellar and then taken out for illegal fights. These animals are sure to be dangerous and unpredictable, just as a person would become insane if "held" like that.

You probably mean the so-called list dogs. But I'm a little surprised that you call yourself a dog lover if you don't know that. And apparently not knowing that it is possible to turn almost any dog ​​of any breed into an unpredictable animal. You just have to get the puppy early enough, ideally not socialize in any way and abuse it from an early age.

Incidentally, who came on the so-called list was not decided by veterinarians or biologists, but politicians who have absolutely no prior knowledge. The first version of the list of dangerous dogs included a dog breed that has long since become extinct. Months later it was pointed out, then it was hastily revised. So you can imagine how much of a hand and foot this list is.
To see this list, which was established by any ignorant man as law, is rather naive.

Finally, on the question of why certain clients feel drawn to certain dogs. Answer: a matter of taste. Personally, I think the pug is pretty ugly. But has a huge fan base.
I also often see chicks with Chihuahuas in their pockets. But that doesn't make this dog a chubby dog. They need a lot of exercise. They are therefore also good dogs with whom you can ride a bike as soon as a certain level of stamina is present. Likewise, an anti-social predilection for Staffordshire Terrier does not make them anti-social.
Gripping  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 20:11:27
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
@ die one: That's what I mean by tolerance propaganda. Your peers also appear in "Animals are looking for a home" and claim that attack dogs are not dangerous.

What a dangerous dog is depends mainly on the breed. An American Stafford will always be more aggressive by nature than a Newfoundland dog or a Bernese Mountain Dog. My credo: fighting dogs as guard dogs or not at all. The "animals" belong to the tattooed skilled workers or even Hartzers.
HΓΆhnerbach  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 22:26:31
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?
From product
From griffin Tattooed (= criminal)
If that falls is the same category as
Women (= whores)

Somehow I like the insights into Greifi's small, simple world
So maybe not criminal, but it is still noticeable that people with full tattoos belong disproportionately often to the anti-social lower class.
Gripping  πŸ“… 25.04.2016 22:58:05
Re: why do people keep attack dogs?