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Harry Potter - The characters & their types

Hey Winfried,

Of course, NOBODY knows my real name! 😀 So you can't even name him ... 😉

So now I come to an answer to your wonderfully long post from above: I agree with your analysis regarding the 3 most likely type options for good Severus, i.e. IPLG, ITLG and ITLS.
I also share your opinion that Snape's theoretical creativity in brewing potions AND inventing his own spells rather speaks against IPLG.

So there are still ITLS and ITLG (by the way, my third point mentioned above is not to be classified as completely serious, but should rather add a humorous note to the whole thing 😉). As I said above, I don't see Snape as a brilliant master genius (a la Voldemort or Dumbledore). He prefers to be quiet and busy with things that interest him (pro ITLS). He's not a very good teacher (ok, THAT is very subjective, but I don't think ITFS are great teachers, especially not from children / young people ... the more “planning” ITLG can do that better).

What else speaks for ITLS:
- Snape likes to act “behind the scenes” ... one of the communication styles is called something like that. He is withdrawn, both privately, but especially in the novel business! He watches and helps Harry a lot, but INDIRECTLY (especially in the last part)

- What goes with it: I think it is typical for ITLS (maybe also for ITFS) to hide behind a "pseudonym" or to creatively stand out and strengthen one's self-confidence ... and who has now called themselves "Half-Blood Prince" ? Snape himself! 🙂 And unlike Voldemort (who also gave himself an artificial name), Snape has other reasons. He does NOT hide his less beneficial roots, but lets them flow into his name ...

- And perhaps the most important point: Snape's past and his love for Harry's mother. Snape has reasons why he is who he is. He was an outsider who would have liked to have been left alone (even if he couldn't get together with Lily), but he was bullied by James Potter over and over again ... because Snape was who he was ... no Wonder that he then "changed". But apart from that, the flashbacks show how Snape used to be ... and that fits better with ITLS
... to briefly quote "type test" at this point:
“Like Agent Mulder on the X-Files TV series, ITLS are trying to figure out how and why things around them are what they seem, or to uncover some universal truth. Like him, they are often quite loners: they do not think very highly of social and social obligations, they prefer to withdraw and work in the way that they see fit.

You could call this guy a "critic" because of his natural skepticism and instinct for logic errors. "

- Another thing that speaks against ITLG is that Snape is really not a "planner", even if outwardly he rather represents the well ... "boring" stereotype of the "planner". Actually he is rather passive and annoyed by the students, who are practically not very interested in the material. Besides, Severus is not allowed to teach HIS favorite subject…. 😉

- to the example of yourself: Snape is different when he communicates with people he values ​​and who value him (Dumbledore / Lily)! As with any introvert, this is the “2nd Face “that not everyone is allowed to see.

But something else: Why is Madeye classified as ITLS above? To what extent is he theoretician? In this comparison, I see Snape MUCH more as ITLS and Madeye as IPLS. 🙂

P.S. I don't take it personally, I find the discussion very stimulating. 😉
Btw: Regarding your argument with the writers and actors: Of course, not everyone takes it that seriously (if they know the system at all), but I think that if the system is correct, then it works "automatically" and so can fictional characters are classified and analyzed. But even Jung said, I mean, that you can ACTUALLY only assess yourself optimally ... the rest is better guessing anyway ... 😉

So, I think that's enough for now! 🙂

Best regards