What would Mozart think of Sunn O?

It can also be called a “psychoacoustic full-body experience”, which the US musicians dressed in frocks celebrate. Your bass sound goes through your core.

Anyone who thinks they have already been through and experienced a lot may not have been to a concert by the American band "Sunn O)))". But he will have the opportunity to do so on September 2nd in the Wiesbaden slaughterhouse. This live quartet, which emerged in 1998 from a tribute band for a musically similar band called "Earth", indulges in a musical genre that could perhaps be described as "Ambient Drone Doom". Conceived by the two guitarists Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson, "Sunn O)))" embodies the preliminary high point of development and the consequent further development of "Ambient Music" and "Drone Doom Metal", which makes it particularly haunting in an acoustic way to illustrate real existing capitalism in its final state with its succession of crisis and war. It goes without saying that completely different registers have to be drawn on an artistic level in order to approach the actual state of the world selectively.

Reinforced bass

In addition, the group operates on several levels: From the world of Black Metal, "Sunn O)))" bring along the hard, distorted guitars, tuned one tone lower, which like to raise to long-lasting feedback. Essential for the sound of "Sunn O)))" is the bass range itself, which eats its way through bone and bone, wood and walls by means of ultra-high-amplified low-frequency sequences. The room is made to vibrate. While a normal four-piece band is adequately equipped with perhaps three or four amplifiers, with "Sunn O)))" you can count up to 13 amplifier towers, i.e. double stacks and giant bass amps from the manufacturer "Sunn", so that the The stage is completely delivered. If you stand close to the bass speakers, you really notice how your skinny jeans are fluttering, and not out of fear. Her song structure comes from the ambient area, which is mostly expressed in epics over 10 and 20 minutes, where long drawn-out arcs of tension, paired with a slow-motion rhythm and broken beats, develop their very own effects. Of course, it only comes into its own when you stand in a room that is completely darkened and so heavily filled with artificial fog that you cannot see the control lights of the amplifiers at a distance of three meters. This state of complete loss of orientation and control is desired by the band, because it shows that even if you feel blind like an oil sardine in a can, there is no claustrophobia, but a feeling of security, similar to when you are floating in a sealed water tank with seawater. Only: instead of silence, there is a booming sound wall as a shell.

Guttural crypt chant

In accordance with their musical concept, the band members step back completely and confine themselves to clad in monk's robes with hoods, bend over their instruments and refrain from any contact with the audience. Only singer Attila Csihar showed a certain eccentricity in the past when he - illuminated by poison green light - was dimly recognizable as a speaking tree like in "Lord of the Rings". Now and then he started something that comes close to a mixture of Gregorian chant and guttural crypt chant. It will be interesting to see what happens this time. One thing is certain in advance: The music of "Sunn O)))" is a psychoacoustic whole-body and borderline experience, with which even hallucinogenic states can be achieved by adding tones, vibrations and volume.

People with basic meditative knowledge and some ability to concentrate can easily be teleported into a parallel musical universe through this sound. When anxious contemporaries in this band talk about the “near-death experience”, that is of course nonsense, it is simply an antithesis to hippie music and a spirit of optimism. This form of contemporary music - beyond gossip and fake cheerfulness - is particularly suitable for music teachers and their school classes, who care about music education at the height of the times and who have not stopped at Mozart's "offers".

Slaughterhouse, Murnaustraße 1, Wiesbaden. September 2, 8 p.m. Tickets for 30 euros by phone (0611) 97 44 50.Internet