Vaccines kill genes

Is vaccination with mRNA genetic engineering?

A few days ago I received a voice message via Facebook Messenger warning of the possible vaccination against Sars-CoV-2:

“It's an mRNA vaccine. That means that your DNA is being interfered with. "

Similar things are haunted around the web as video.

Let's first note what genetic manipulation is. This means deliberately changing the genetic material of a living being: bacteria, plants, animals or even humans. So if someone claims that the vaccination is genetic manipulation, they need the wrong word, because nobody is genetically modified on purpose.

But let's be generous, ignore the manipulatively incorrect use of the term genetic manipulation and take a closer look. What is mRNA

mRNA is a kind of messenger substance, a kind of construction manual. It transports the information of a gene from the cell nucleus into the cell interior, the cytoplasm. There, the information from special cell organs, the ribosomes, is used as a template to produce a protein. It is comparable to a fax that is sent from the headquarters of a company to a branch office so that a certain workpiece can be manufactured there.

The idea behind mRNA vaccination is as follows: Unlike conventional vaccinations, humans are not injected with weakened or killed pathogens so that their immune system can practice the production of antibodies, so to speak. And so, when the right pathogen arrives, you are prepared for it.

The new idea in the mRNA vaccine is that you don't administer whole pathogens, but only the genetic instructions for a small part of the pathogen. In the case of Sars-CoV-2, the so-called spike. These are the spinous processes with which the coronavirus docks to the cells that it wants to infect.

If you give a person the instructions for building the spike, their genetic apparatus begins to produce spikes - and only spikes, not entire viruses. This is how our immune system can use the spikes. This new type of vaccination - it is hoped - is more specific and has fewer side effects than if you vaccinated with whole pathogens.

But now to the question: Can this mRNA be built into the human genome? If not on purpose, then maybe as a side effect, as a vaccine damage? The answer is no. Because the genome consists of DNA, not RNA. It's not the same chemically.

But in nature there are cases where mRNA is translated into DNA and then incorporated into our genome. Some very sophisticated viruses do this to hide themselves, so to speak, in our genetic make-up: the so-called retroviruses. The HI virus that causes AIDS, the human T-cell leukemia virus HTLV, and the hepatitis B virus. In order for them to sneak into our genome, however, these viruses need an enzyme that translates mRNA into DNA: reverse transcriptase. And cleverly, these viruses bring this tool with them themselves. Because that's just not there in our body. So if you are afraid that the spike gene will be built into your genetic makeup after an mRNA vaccination, you should also have an active infection with one of these three viruses that cause AIDS, leukemia or hepatitis B at the same time.

That is probably very unlikely - but it cannot be completely ruled out either. And even if it does cause cancer or some other disease, there is no evidence of that.

Jumping genes as a gateway?

If we are now completely honest and scientifically correct, there is another cellular mechanism that could make it possible for the mRNA to creep into the genome. But be careful: now it's going to be extremely molecular biology - and extremely improbable.

In our genome there are jumping genes, so-called transposons. They actually jump from one place to another in the genome. Why they do this is not known in humans. This is how antibiotic resistance spreads in bacteria.

Some types of transposons create these jumps by simply translating them into RNA, looking for a new place and being translated back into DNA there. At least one other enzyme is required for this: the endonuclease.

All in all, says the molecular biologist, with whom I spoke for a long time about the subject: “It cannot be completely ruled out that there is still a mechanism somewhere in our genetic apparatus by means of which the Covid-19 vaccine in rare cases our genetic material could be incorporated. Theoretically." And when asked whether he will be vaccinated, he says "yes".



But if the media now write of “incalculable risks”, that is wrong. After all, Biontech's hottest candidate has already been tested on over 43,000 people without any significant side effects.

By the way, whoever sends you such a message will in most cases prove himself that he has no idea:

“A nano-particle is shot into your bloodstream at high speed. And that's why they have to be stored at -70 degrees, because this stuff is a ... a ... yes that ... google rMNA or mRNA vaccine! You'll find a lot of strange things there. "

Yes indeed.

You delete something like that and write to the sender that it is a lie. Whether you then vaccinate is of course your decision. Most likely, however, you will not become genetic mutants.

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