What is the most expensive fidget spinner

The biggest weirdo in the world. The most expensive weirdo in the world The biggest weirdo in the world

Few people don't know anything about weirdos. This little anti-stress toy is in great demand in 2017. Such a seemingly inconspicuous thing has won a millionth audience around the world in a short period of time. In one month alone, inquiries in the popular search engine Yandex reach 100,000 times. According to one of the sources, the turnover of a Russian store selling spinners was 2,000,000 rubles in a spring month.

Let's not torment us with numbers and move on to the best weirdos from well-known manufacturers.

The well-known company CompLyfe is already known to many around the world. The spinner from this company has only one shape, but a plus to this is a wide range of colors.

The spinner has a special finger sleeve, a bearing to create an effect, and two identical petals. The design is the simplest. Usually there are relief patterns ... All finger machines have a serial number. The manufacturer must be stated on the spinner.

CompLyfe has already released around 25 different designs of different materials ... You can buy a spinner from this company copper, brass, titanium.

The first advantage of Asmodus is that the user can choose the design and shape of his training device himself. There is a special designer on the manufacturer's website who will help you create your own spinner according to the shape, material of manufacture and manufacture colors ... In the middle there is a company sign.

The company produces the most simple models for users. Such a spinner consists of two petals, round, pointed or flat. There are also several weights there. There is no special design here. As elsewhere, petals, bearings and finger bushing. Company brand in finger groove.


The company recently joined the manufacturers. Your simulators haven't been named yet. The iJoy company produces spinners in the shape of a triangle. Unlike previous spinners, it has 3 petals. In social networks you could see 3 colors: black, gold, steel. The engraving is done in white. The manufacturer's logo is on the finger sleeve.

It is impossible to bypass the Russian manufacturer. In Russia, spinners are also actively produced by ZeroGravity. The company is known for producing e-liquids. The spinning rod was named after the company ZeroGravity.

The manufacturer turned to the founder of toy design. Therefore, it can be bought with 2, 3 and 5 petals. The materials are a little inferior to the previous ones: wood, plastic, plywood. You can add multiple weights or bearings to the petals.

Spinners Video Rating

Modern records are noticeable - this is not only an idea, but also a high-quality implementation of the project. BEIM lately countries like to measure their performance in different areas, which is why authentic inventions emerge that become the pride of the state. The world's greatest weirdo is another opportunity to test the strength of artisans and inventors.

Spinner "Riese" set a new world record

The Tyumen region pleasantly surprises people with its achievements: an artist from Omsk built the smallest fidget in the world, the Caviar company brought out the most expensive spinner in the world (its cost was 1 million rubles), some craftsmen were even able to make a spinner out of 3 old ones Zhiguli models assemble wheels. The largest "record player" was also designed in Tyumen.

The total spinner was developed in 2017, has a diameter of 3.75 meters and a weight of 30 kilograms. The invention was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records and held a leading position. They worked on it and improved it for three weeks. The base is made of metal and the top is made of foam.

The previous record was set by the British inventor Tony Fisher and had the following dimensions: diameter - 3.3 meters, weight - 20 kilograms. According to other criteria, the "Spinner" does not differ fundamentally from ordinary size and design fidgets. Tony posted the video on Youtube where you can see him lifting the anti-stress toy over his head and spinning it well.

For Fischer, puzzles are the meaning of life; since 1981 he has been creating around a hundred unusual toys. In 2016 he designed a giant Rubik's Cube that was assembled in just 2 days. The cube weighed 100 kilograms and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The official presentation of the spinner

At the beginning of September 2017 an action took place under the title "The spinner is turning - public services are working", during which the organizers demonstrated the spinner of the "giant". Spinner was funded on the platforms of colleges: Tyumen Industrial University and State Agrarian University.

The organizers of the advertising campaign were employees of the regional multifunctional center for the provision of municipal and state services. During the fidgeting demonstration, the pupils were told how to correctly and quickly issue a transport card via the public services portal. Everyone was presented with turntables with the MFC emblem.

With such an unexpected action, the authorities are trying to get students to use the government services and the MFC website for quick and very convenient filing. The event host gave the volunteers an opportunity to promote the invention and encouraged passers-by to take photos and film the biggest event.

About 50 people came to see the unusual performance. The Russian "spinner" was spun by three men, but they could not achieve stable spin of the spinner. The audience was not very pleased with this fact as the British fidget was being filmed by one person without the help of anyone.

The popularity of spinners

The rotating toy became popular in 2017. Almost every student owns a fidgety spinner made from most different materials: steel, titanium, brass, plastic, or copper. The design and composition of the bearings completely influence the running time. Therefore, it was quite difficult to turn the Tyumen record holder, mainly because of its impressive dimensions.

Now every second teenager on the planet uses a "turntable", but initially its purpose was not to entertain and perform various tricks, but to have a positive effect on human health.

Experts believe that using a spinner is necessary when:

  • strong stress shocks;
  • autism;
  • panic attacks and anxiety;
  • attention deficit disorder with excessive activity;
  • inattention and total lack of focus on one thing.

Nobody would have thought that an anti-stress toy would be so popular and in demand. For people doing the same (monotonous) work, fidgeting is a great way to distract and rest. Because of this rapid trend, Forbes called the new product a "must-have office toy".

When the "turntable" turns, the hands are trained: the motor skills develop and the sensitivity of the fingers increases. For kids over 6 years old, a weirdo is one thing that will help you forget about addiction forever as your hands are preoccupied with a fascinating human invention.

How will the fate of the spinner develop in the future?

Many people are interested in the further fate of the "giant" presented in Tyumen. After the advertising campaign, the organizers sent the fidget to the camp. So that he does not remain idle there, it was decided to constantly take part in various presentations of electronic government services. At various events in Tyumen, the weirdo will remind you that you want more and that you need to be focused on your goal.

Whether another country and its engineers can beat this record is a matter of time. Maybe there is someone who can do the almost impossible and surprise themselves first, and only then the whole planet.

The creation of a giant spinner says one thing: people can do a lot, but the main thing for them is that their creation is recognized by all people, and their strength and work are valued.

The video of the twist of the fidget is already on the internet, you can watch it on all websites and internet sources. This is a significant event for the Tyumen region and the whole world to be proud of.

Toy called the fidget spinner has conquered not only the West, but Russia and the CIS countries as well. It doesn't seem like anything unusual, you take a spinner (from the English spin \ u003d spin) and spin it with your fingers. Yet a lot of people liked that. Today you can buy spinners of any size and shape, and the price for them can vary from 300 rubles to several thousand. In this collection, you can find out which fidget moths are the most expensive today. It's amazing what only humans are willing to spend their money on.

10. Weirdo "Crusader"

Price: $ 260 (15 5 00 rubles)

The creator of this weirdo is KASFLY. Such toys are sold only to order and in a closed group on one of the social networks. This fidgety spinner has a religious pattern and is available in bronze and titanium alloy. The latter option is the most expensive, although the bronze option spins longer. The spinner looks great while it is spinning, but touching the spinning ends can cause skin irritation.

9. Spinner "turbineVersion 3 "

Price: $ 399 (24,000 rubles)

Metal Worn has started taking pre-orders for its new titanium alloy spinner. The thickness of the toy is 19 mm and the diameter is 5 cm. The name of the toy indicates its calm and long rotation.

8. Spinner "TispinProp "

Price: $ 425 (25,000 rubles)

Titan Ring Designs' product is actually a small propeller. The toy is made of a titanium alloy that is used in aviation, or rather to make propellers. Not only does the spinner spin smoothly and for a long time, it also empties your wallet for such a useless thing on a considerable scale.

7. Spinner "PepyakkaS "

Price:$ 425 (25,000 rubles)

This spinner was created by FromRussiaWithKnives. The company's name can be translated as "from Russia with knives", so it is not surprising that in its shape it resembles a tool that can deprive a person of limbs at any time. This toy is taken very seriously - it uses 20 interacting parts plus a double bearing system for longer, smoother rotation.

This spinner is presented not only as a beautiful toy, but also as a "mechanical puzzle" that fans of spinners have to solve.

6. Spinner "blacklotusTri "

Price: $ 445 (26,500 rubles)

If you're looking for a toy that looks like something out of the Middle Ages, this spinner is for you. It was created on a 3D printer and each model of this spinner has its own design. This model (sterling silver) is the most refined. To create the main part, a wax model had to be made on a 3D printer, polished and covered with tritium powder.

5. Customized 925 sterling silver spinners and spinners fromConsecration

Price: $ 459 (27,500 rubles)

There are 2 versions of this spinner - one from Sunnytech and one from Weiheng. Both spinners are identical and cost the same. The silver from which they are made gives them a special delicacy. In addition, silicon nitride bearings ensure perfect balance and long running times.

4. Spinner from company 9equipment

Price: $ 600 (36,000 rubles)

There are a large number of different spinners made by 9 Gear. However, this one is made entirely by hand and can only be purchased from the company's official website. From the name it can be seen that the spinner consists of 9 interconnected bearings. The spinner is made of brass, which means it needs maintenance or it will rust. If you want a separate case for your fidget spinner, you should be ready to spend an additional $ 140.

3. Fidget spinners and cigar standsRotablade

Price: $ 600 (40,000 rubles)

There are several variants of this nifty fidget spinner, but the most expensive one is made of titanium. Despite the price, there were so many pre-orders that the company put an early order on hold.

2. Spinner "Artifact "

Price: $ 700 (42,000 rubles)

This weirdo was called "Artifact" for a reason - it looks like a real work of art we received from a bygone era. The designer of this toy is Chris Bathgate. The spinner itself is made by hand from stainless steel and brass. For now, despite the substantial price, the company has sold all of its "artifacts".

1. Spinner "steelflameRing "- no longer in production

Price range: $ 500-1,500 (30,000-90,000 rubles)

Derrick Obatake from Los Angeles is the maker of jewelry ... When fidgety weirdos gained incredible popularity, he decided to create his own version and named it "Steel Flame Ring" (from "Ring in a Metal Frame"). Several models were created, each with its own design. It was later decided to stop production of these spinners.

Since these toys are considered rare, they can cost up to $ 1,500 each.

Fidget spinners (also called fidget spinners or hand spinners) are small toys that were originally intended to be sold to autistic children and children with ADHD.

Who would have thought that weirdo mania could take over the whole world? Now they love not only children, but also desperate housewives and respected business people and cheerful students in different countries.

Fidget moths have a calming effect, help you focus and reduce stress for a short time. And you can show different tricks with them too.

Fidget moths vary greatly in price. The cheapest plastic toys can be bought for $ 4, and the price of the world's most expensive spinner has exceeded tens of thousands of dollars.

Wondering how much is the world's most expensive spinner? Then sit back, grab your weirdo and we'll tell you what the rich do too.

10. Tispin Prop - costs 25,000 rubles

Our assessment starts with a little spinner that looks like a propeller for a toy air transport. It consists of a titanium alloy used in aviation. Of course, you won't be able to take off with it, but you will enjoy the smooth rotation of the Tispin Prop for a long, long time. And all for around $ 425.

9. Pepyakka-S - 25,000 rubles.

Who else could call the weirdo "Pepyaka" if not Russian jokers? This is a product by FromRussiaWithKnives, and despite its funny name, it looks very menacing. In its untwisted form, Pepyakka-S looks like a pistol or a ninja shuriken.

It consists of 20 small parts that are interconnected in a complex way and have 2 central bearings. Due to its design, Pepyaka spins for a very long time.

8. Black Lotus Tri - 26,000 rubles.

The toy is made on a 3D printer that is doused with molten stainless steel and on which a layer of tritium is applied. And the bearings are made of ceramic. The model got its name for three "petals" that make it look like a metal lotus flower.

7. Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver - 26 700 rubles.

This sterling silver spinner is (as you can see from the English name) made by two companies at the same time - Sunnytech and Weiheng. In addition, there is no difference in design or cost between the two options. Silicon-nitrite bearings are responsible for the excellent balance when spinning.

6. Spinner Series 9 Gear - 36,000 rubles.

A big and beautiful spinner with a silver or gold body. It has a complex design: all the gears are linked together, and as soon as one starts to turn, all of them start to turn afterwards. When turning, the gears form a fascinating pattern.

One weighs only 118 g and is made of aluminum with 9 brass gears and a metal center bearing.

For those unwilling to pay such a large amount for a beautiful but beautiful piece of jewelry, the Chinese have created a cheaper option for only 913 rubles.

5. Rotablade - 39,900 rubles.

The top 5 most expensive spinners in the world are opened by a model that successfully combines a hand spinner and a cigar stand. It is made of titanium and has an original laser engraving.

4. Bathgate Artifact Spinner - 42,000 rubles.

In the photo, one of the most expensive spinners in the world looks like a prototype of a batarang.It owes its name to its creator - sculptor and designer Chris Bathgate, who worked in collaboration with Mike Hogarty and Callie Keane.

"Artifact" models can be made of stainless steel or brass and stainless steel. But all of them are handmade and have a stunningly elegant and stylish look.

3. Steel flame ring - up to 90,000 rubles.

The idea of ​​the American jeweler Derek Obatake is unique in design. Every weirdo has its own, no longer repeating ornament. The Steel Flame Ring is made from a solid piece of bronze and is a truly manly toy.

Finding these spinners for sale is difficult because their production has ceased. Therefore, the price of Steel Flame Ring in online auctions does not drop below $ 500.

2. Spinner from caviar - up to 999,000 rubles.

These spinners were made by Russian jewelers from the Caviar company. In total, buyers are offered four expensive versions of the popular toy.

  1. Even in the photo, Caviar's most expensive spinner looks stunning. And all because it is made entirely of gold (with a total weight of 100 grams) and costs 999 thousand rubles.
  1. A gilded paint, painted in the colors of the Russian flag, is also available and can be bought for 14,900 rubles. Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful weirdos in the world.
  1. And the company Caviar also offers rich spinner fans a black carbon spinner with a skull image (14,900 rubles).
  1. There is another spinner - with Swarovski-style diamonds worth 99,000 rubles.

Price RUB 5,800,000

In the summer of 2017, the Swiss company Octobrachia announced the release of the most luxurious and expensive spinner in the world. The cost was one hundred thousand dollars.

Homemade product The renowned designer Steve Ruffner weighs one hundred grams, is coated with 18 carat white gold and set with 950 diamonds. In addition to being an expensive toy, this is a reliable asset for many years.

Exclusive, decorated with gold and precious stones spinners are designed for a very narrow circle of the rich. Ordinary people usually consider the best crank not to be the one that is ornate, but rather the one that spins the longest. If you are new to spinning a spinner, your best bet is to practice on a cheap model. If you spin the spinner for a long time, the ball bearings can fail.