What does the abbreviation OG stand for?

OG sneakers

What does that mean OG on sneaker releases? A OG Sneaker is described as the "original" and denotes the New edition of a retro sneaker. This abbreviation is often used on Nike and adidas sneakers, such as the Air Max 1 OG.

OG Sneaker - remake of the "original"

The above example shows the difference between the Air Max 1 from 1987 and the one from 2017, 30 years later. At a OG release becomes the model and the Colorway actually 1: 1 adopted or slightly modified. In addition, often slightly different materials used. With real sneakerheads, OG sneakers are something special, because many have already experienced the first release themselves and childhood feelings are awakened when the new edition is released.

In addition to the new edition of a retro, "OG" can also original in the sense of the first colorway of this model mean. So the first NMD with a black upper and red / blue plugs was called adidas NMD_R1 OG.

Releasing an OG sneaker is ideal for manufacturers for important anniversaries, such as the 30th anniversary. So the effect is greater and the release is perceived directly with the history of the brand.