Can God restore a broken relationship

Wasted years, broken dreams, broken relationships: whatever your loss, look to the Lord for your restoration - your surpassing restoration! Join Joseph Prince in this three-part series as he explains how you can position yourself to receive God's incredible restoration for your losses.


Let me show you from the scriptures that when God restores something, His restoration is always better, be it qualitatively or quantitatively, or both. Whatever the enemy stole from you, you can trust God for a 120 percent recovery.

"Why 120 percent, Pastor Prince?"

This is based on the principle of restitution in the law of the guilt offering from Leviticus 5: 23-24: “So if someone has committed one of these sins and is guilty as a result, he should have what was stolen, blackmailed or entrusted to him or what was lost he found and kept to himself or give back what he received illegally by perjury. On the day of his guilt sacrifice, he is to compensate the person who has been harmed in full, plus 20 percent of the value ... "(NLB).

Here we see God's law, which describes exactly what a person must do to make reparation to someone they have harmed. Note that this law states that he should "replace the full amount plus 20 percent of the value ..." The full value of what is lost, betrayed, or stolen plus 20 percent is 120 percent of its original value. Well, that principle of restoration was under the old covenant of law.

How much more can we who are under the new covenant of grace - a far better covenant with God based on better promises (Heb. 8: 6) - trust God not just for a 120 percent restoration, but much more more!

Also note that the person pays compensation on the day of the guilt sacrifice. The guilt offering is a picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross. He became our vicar and was condemned in our place for every guilt we committed so that we can freely receive every blessing of God, including the blessing of His much greater restoration.

If you have accepted Christ as your guilt offering, there is much more restoration to come. If the enemy stole from you or cheated you of the best years of your life, then God will give you back more than you had before in that very same area where you have suffered losses. He will give you back the years the locusts ate and, on His principle of restoration, make you the winner of the situation.

Your best days are still ahead of you!



Just as the Lord didn't want Ruth to just survive, He doesn't want you to just survive your unhappy marriage. He wants to change it and give you a loving, deep relationship with your spouse. Likewise, He doesn't just want your business to barely survive, he wants your business to thrive! He not only wants you to be cured, he wants to make you healthier than before! Our Lord Jesus Christ never leads us out the same way we went into a situation. He will multiply, promote and improve everything.

Even if you made bad decisions, don't feel judged. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or regret, turn to your Savior and say, "Lord, restore this!" And expect things to change to your advantage. If you trust in Him, your life will not be too broken for Restoration.

No matter how impossible the situation looks, God is for you and will never give up on you!

If you feel that you have been robbed - of good health, of the experience of oneness in your relationships, of opportunities in your job or in your career, then you can know and believe that the heart of your loving Savior is for you is giving you back much more than you have lost. Believe that He can and will turn this loss to your advantage. Let me show you another passage from the Bible to anchor your heart in this truth.

Exodus 21:37: "If anyone steals an ox, or a sheep, and slaughters or sells it, he shall repay five oxen for one and four sheep for one." What do you notice - where the loss is greater (one ox compared to a sheep), there the restoration is greater too! God indeed says, the greater your loss, the greater His restoration will be for you! It may be through the act of a man, but it is the Lord who plans, staged and brings its much greater restoration into your life. And can you imagine the joy of the man who had five cattle when he originally lost only one? He was probably glad he lost that cattle because he became the winner after such a recovery.

So don't be afraid if there is an area in your life that is under attack. You don't have to put up with defeat. You don't have to live in despair. God wants you to rest in Him and look to Him with humility for your supply and restoration.

If you trust in Him, nothing in your life will be too broken for God's restoration. No matter how impossible your situation looks, God is for you and will never give you up!


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