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Outstanding Joomla Templates: Free and Professional

What do you even need a Joomla template for? After all, the CMS enables, even in its original state, change the appearance of the website in many ways. That's true, but Joomla templates make your work a lot easier. A good design template is easy to adapt and offers many functions that you would normally have to develop yourself in painstaking detail.

But how do you distinguish a good from a bad template? Of course, when it comes to Joomla themes too, taste cannot be argued - especially when it comes to design issues. Still there is criteriato consider when choosing the right Joomla template:

  • design: Does the design match your ideas?
  • Range of functions: Are all important functions included? (such as responsive design)
  • User reviews and popularity: Are the users of the Joomla theme satisfied with it?
  • Updates: Are the developers still working on the template?

These key questions will help you to choose the right template for your purposes - and we have also based our suggestions on them. First of all, it is important that the design corresponds to your ideas at all. Then you sure have too certain functions at a glance that you need - if, for example, you want to display your site on the move or need a particularly SEO-friendly design, the range of functions is crucial.

positive reviews and a heightpopularity of a Joomla template not only speak for its quality, but also indicate an existing support: Because if the template is used by many webmasters, a large community is available as soon as you have a question about the theme or need to solve a problem. (All templates presented meet this criterion.)

The last point to keep in mind when choosing a template is that Frequency of updates: Even if a Joomla template looks good and convinces with plenty of functions, the joy is quickly clouded if the developer does not provide any updates for the template in the long term. Joomla itself is constantly being further developed - therefore it is necessary that the template also receives regular updates. (Many of the templates presented have been developed further for years.)