Why are board games becoming less and less popular

Why board games are still popular in the online age

News from May 3rd, 2020

The hobbies of Germans have changed in the last few decades. Hardly anyone collects postage stamps or builds model railways these days. One of the main reasons for this change is likely to be digitization. Because never in the history of mankind has it been so easy to distract or chat as it is today. Nevertheless, there are still one or the other analogue leisure activity that can still hold its own in the 21st century. This also includes board games, which have even increased in popularity in recent years. This article explains why this is so.

Less passive, more active
Young people spend less and less time in front of the television. And reading books is no longer a matter of course for today's children outside of school. Instead of taking up entertainment passively, they now prefer to be active themselves. Many people nowadays prefer to post on social media platforms themselves rather than just reading other people's content. And instead of standing motionless for hours in front of the television, they prefer to play PC games in which they are the protagonists. They simply ignore casting shows and soap operas. Surveys show that gaming as a pastime is now as popular as television and cinemas combined. But by no means all live out the newly found instinct to play on the mobile phone screen. Many people are now returning to board games, which have another great advantage. They're much more sociable than any on-screen activity. In this way, families in particular find opportunities to spend more time together again.

Innovations made in Germany
But the manufacturers of board games themselves are also contributing to this development. Because German game publishers are traditionally among the best in the world. Year after year, publishers such as Ravensburger or Kosmos bring new games onto the market. The player finders are guided by the zeitgeist. Tried and tested concepts are often refreshed for the 21st century. Again and again, however, completely new game ideas are tried out, which provide a lot of variety at the living room table. Increasing sales are also thanks to the industry's hard work and creativity. In this way, game publishers and inventors make a valuable contribution to German leisure culture. That is appreciated by the audience.

Countermovement to digitization
While some contemporaries want to push digitization into the last corner of life, resistance is also stirring in some circles. Backward and old-fashioned people come up with the most absurd thoughts. For example, you can also imagine wearing clothes without a data chip, microprocessor and radio unit for Internet connection in the future. Some can even imagine operating the light by hand in a few years' time. And many of them also see advantages in traditional board games over the electronic version. These benefits not only include players sitting across from each other at a table instead of talking via voice chat. They also appreciate the feeling of holding real objects in their hands instead of just swiping across a screen. With all the progress, large parts of the population are likely to belong to these yesterday's people in the future as well. So you don't have to worry about the good old board game. (PRM)