Richard Feynman was a womanizer

Bern: The fencing physics Olympic champion


Julius Vering (19) won gold at the Swiss Physics Olympiad by a large margin. 20 minutes met the young man and spoke to him about many a physicist cliché.

Many hate physics when they were in school. Too much else goes on in a young mind to focus on physics. 19-year-old Julius Vering doesn't understand this, but: “Too much math is a deterrent. In school, there is far too little vivid explanation of what exactly it is about. " Last weekend, Vering won the Swiss Physics Olympiad by a superior margin.

In the summer, Julius Vering graduated from the Neufeld grammar school in Bern, but last summer he did research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a renowned elite university in the USA. And a year ago he won the national physics Olympiad in Switzerland, this year too.

But besides that, he is a completely normal youth. Vering: "In my free time I fence, play the bass and saxophone or do something with colleagues." He is interested in physics because he has always wanted to know how things work at their core.

When asked if all the clichés about unwashed, nerdy physicists are true, he laughs. Of course there are people like that in the scene, but he has also met completely normal people who are atypical for the outsider who are interested in physics.

His physical role model is just as atypical: Einstein and Hawking are too classic for him, instead he likes Richard Feynman. «He was very entertaining and could just get to the heart of the complicated things. He also played bongo and was quite a womanizer. " Exactly, this physicist cliché has not yet been used: How do women like physics?

“I'm not going to comment on that,” Vering says and grins. But it is true, many physicists would hardly value the appearance. "Calculations lasting hours are more for introverted people who lose track of time."

After graduating from high school, Vering wants to work. In Boston he will work for an agro-cultural company. Then he plans to study. However, it is not physics, but electrical engineering and computer science that has done it to him. His dream is to found a technology start-up.