Who is Aubrey de Gray

Cambridge, near the train station, a pub called "Salisbury Arms". Aubrey de Gray pulls up an old racing bike. Even on this warm day, he wears a self-knitted cap, a patched sweater, and sneakers. First he orders a beer. So much for the appearance. On the other hand, when this man calls for conferences, the most important age researchers come to Cambridge.

Southgerman newspaper: Mister de Gray, you are 43 now, your first hair turns gray, the wrinkles deeper. How many more years do you have to go?

Aubrey de Gray: Hard to say. If it goes bad, tomorrow I'll be struck by a falling piano.

SZ: That would be unpleasant, after all, you want to abolish death.

Aubrey de Gray: Yes, but there will still be accidents in the future, nothing can be done about that. Besides, I have to correct you, I do not want to abolish death, but aging.

SZ: Subtle! Where's the difference?

Aubrey de Gray: Aging is just one of many possible causes of death. Even if you are not getting old you can still run into a truck.

SZ: Then why all the effort?

Aubrey de Gray: Because, despite the piano and trucks, aging is by far the leading cause of death, at least in the developed world. If we can eliminate this threat, people will live to be 1,000 years old on average. At least.

SZ: A thousand years of life - it makes many shudder. What makes you so sure that people even want something like this?

Aubrey de Gray: I don't even think that people want to live forever. They just don't want to end up sick and miserable. That's why they long for a long, healthy life. After eternal youth.

SZ: Forever 20 or 30, isn't that incredibly boring in the long run?

Aubrey de Gray: A bit of frustration will certainly arise, especially since one or the other risk should be avoided in the future - even if it is fun.