How can I reverse the entry in SAP

Transport is an essential part of the SAP environment and is part of day-to-day business in the areas of customizing and development. A SAP transport with several participants and thus several transport tasks is not uncommon. But how do you deal with it if a transport task has been released incorrectly or if content is recorded and released in an incorrect SAP transport status? The transport task is blocked by the release and can no longer be removed from the SAP transport status. You may also want to delete the entire transport request. This option is also denied to you as soon as tasks are released in the SAP transport.

Report with a hook

As standard, SAP delivers a report that is used for precisely these scenarios, namely the report RDDIT076. Unfortunately, this also has risks and side effects, which we have described here, among other things. So the report alone should be a help in an absolute emergency.

The five biggest weaknesses of the SAP transport system and their solution

In our whitepaper we show you the five biggest weaknesses of the SAP transport system and our practical solutions, how you can fix them.

The five biggest weaknesses of the SAP transport system and their solution

The initial situation could look something like the following illustration.

Reset SAP transport status

In the first step, start the report using transaction SA38. This takes you to a selection screen in which you can enter the transport request or the transport task. In this example the transport order was specified.

After you have confirmed your entry, you will be taken to an overview page. On this you can individually mark the entries to be changed and have the details displayed. Now switch to edit mode and change the status, for example, to undo the approval. Finally, confirm and save the changes. Of course, the other properties of the (SAP transport) order can also be changed using this report.

As you can see from the figure, the transport task has been reset and is back in the development status.

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