Are Alexa's statistics correct?

Statistics of the week: digital assistants

Voice assistants on smartphones have been familiar to most online users since Apple's Siri. They have become a big part of their own home thanks to Amazon's Alexa and its embodiment in the smart speaker Echo.

According to a recent survey by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V., 56 percent of online users in Germany have already spoken to a digital assistant. The most widespread are Siri and Google Assistant, which are standard features in iOS and Android devices.

The most common use of digital assistants is to search for information, as the Statista and Technology Review infographics show. Speaking instead of typing seems to prove its worth here. After all, 19 percent use them to control smart home elements, one of the future core areas of responsibility for digital assistants.

But how well do the virtual butlers listen and how well can they handle inquiries correctly? All assistants show progress in speech recognition and know better and better what a concern is meant. The progress in the correct answer in matters of general knowledge, on the other hand, is less.


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