Should I be a real estate agent?

What does a real estate agent actually do?

Anyone who wants to buy or sell a house is faced with the question of whether they should hire a real estate agent or take care of the sale themselves. The fact is: both buying and selling real estate require market knowledge and take a lot of time. A broker is an option that an owner or potential buyer should consider. Because real estate agents are the interface between owners and interested parties. You take over all tasks from the house or buyer search to the preparation of offers and viewings up to the complete processing and the change of ownership. Contractual aspects also fall within the real estate agent's area of ​​responsibility and often pose a difficult challenge for laypeople.
The everyday business of real estate agents

The real estate agent is a service provider who makes dream homes come true and allows real estate sales to be handled properly. Anyone who thinks that the activity of a broker is only based in the preparation of exposés, in viewings and discussions with buyers and sellers, is wrong. As the interface between buyer and seller, real estate agents have enormous responsibility and have to assert themselves in the market with a high level of expertise, rhetorical skills and specialization. Brokerage is built on three primary pillars that are offered to both sellers and buyers. These basic pillars are, on the one hand, the procurement and checking of documents and the presentation of the property, and on the other hand, the cooperation with owners and interested parties. Flexibility and know-how as well as in-depth knowledge of the market play a major role and are largely responsible for success and customer satisfaction.

The real estate agent as professional support for sellers

Owners simplify the sale if they use the real estate agent interface and strive to sell on a professional basis. Realtors procure all the necessary documents and prepare them, they take photos and present the property to be sold from its best side. They are also experts in real estate valuation and determine the target group before a property is presented online and offline. The preparation of meaningful and appealing exposés, the pre-selection and negotiation with interested parties as well as the organization of viewing appointments are part of the broker's repertoire. In the event of a sale, the broker works out the contract for the notary and supports the seller with specialist knowledge in legal matters. He checks the solvency of potential buyers and regulates the handover of the property after the conclusion of the contract. Even after the sale, a real estate agent is available as a contact person and takes care of the various questions that are relevant for the seller and that may have been overlooked in the course of the transaction. In general, the broker takes over all tasks related to the sale of the property and relieves the owner in all areas.

What tasks do real estate agents relieve potential buyers and tenants?

Not only property owners, but also prospective tenants and buyers can fall back on the services of a specialist. The search for a suitable property is associated with an enormous amount of time, which often leads to a balancing act between job, family and looking for a house or apartment. Whoever hires a real estate agent can find a property according to his requirements and relieves himself in many areas. When looking for a home or apartment, the broker's activity is based on three pillars. Here too, he procures all the necessary documents, takes care of the presentation and works on the one hand with the interested party and on the other hand with the owner or landlord. On behalf of the customer, the broker searches for a suitable property, organizes an appointment for a viewing and negotiates with the owner. He advises on legal issues, knows the value of the property and supports the buyer in the entire process and in concluding the contract. Once the real estate agent has found the right apartment or home for his customer, he will also draw up the contract for the notary and take care of handing over the property after all organizational tasks have been completed. Even after the contract has been signed, the real estate agent is the interface between buyer and seller, whereby open questions or possible problems with the property are passed on to a direct contact person known to the buyer.

Commissioning brokers: A recommendation with competence

While potential tenants can still get to their dream apartment fairly easily and do not have to observe a lot of legal regulations, things are different for potential buyers. Buying a house is probably the biggest investment in life and should be based on security through a stable foundation. But the time factor also draws attention to a real estate agent. He takes care of all the tasks related to presentation, talks with prospective customers, credit checks and contractual processing for salespeople. He saves buyers a lot of time by looking for suitable properties on behalf of them and only recommending relevant houses or apartments. Time is money, which makes investing in a broker a recommendation and increases satisfaction among sellers, landlords, and buyers or tenants. Anyone who knows the market can assess the relevance of a property to customer demands much better than the buyer himself, who has little or no experience in real estate. As a direct interface between a seller and a prospective buyer, brokers act in the interests of both parties and must act with unrestricted competence, seriousness and professionalism.

When hiring a broker, many customers primarily think of the additional costs that result from using a professional service. But if you take a closer look at the many details of a property sale or search for property, the relevance becomes clear very quickly. Broker comparison portals such as Homeday help property owners to find the right real estate agent free of charge within a few hours. To do this, the company uses a special algorithm that compares empirical values, performance indicators and customer reviews from real estate agents from all over Germany. In addition, the brokers are personally checked by the company's experts. The property owner then receives a non-binding e-mail with up to three recommended realtors from his area. This saves real estate owners time and nerves in the search for the right broker.