What is music signal processing

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Bachelor, master and project theses

This and the following pages present the subject areas for student work. Both study and diploma, bachelor and master theses can be agreed in all subject areas. Contact persons for this and other work topics are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dorothea Kolossa, PD Dr.-Ing. Gerald Enzner and the employees named on the following pages. Contact us! There are always interesting topics to be assigned!
You can also find notices about student work in the showcase of our institute.

Speech and audio signal processing

Student work can generally be written in German or English. Teamwork is possible for practical projects (Bachelor) and Master’s projects.

What can you learn
In addition to an insight into current issues and results from research, student work offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the course. Research, analysis and handling of scientific literature are trained as well as structured problem solving, programming and the use of relevant software tools and / or hardware, e.g. for acoustic measurements or training neural networks.

What should you bring along?
In addition to an interest in issues related to speech and audio signal processing, a solid basic knowledge of system theory and signal processing should be available, as taught, for example, in the courses system theory 1 to 3 and speech and audio communication. Further work can also build on the content of master’s courses (communication acoustics, digital signal processing, adaptive signal processing systems). In principle, you should have a command of English that allows you to study scientific specialist literature.

Cognitive signal processing

Binaural sound source localization with probabilistic graphic models