Where did you buy your fireworks?

    Looking at many a discount store prospectus is likely to be confusing at the moment. As every year, Aldi, Lidl, Norma & Co. offer fireworks for sale. But isn't that banned in 2020?

    • In the course of the "hard lockdowns" is the Sale of fireworks Banned throughout Germany.
    • The current Promotional brochures the Discount stores however, promise something completely different.
    • That incites Twitter and Facebook Confusion among customers.

    Update from December 28th, 1:37 p.m .: Still are Aldi and Lidl customers totally confused. The German government around Chancellor Angela Merkel has due to the Coronavirus pandemic the sale of fireworks is prohibited. While the great New Years Eve bang in itself in the Much of Germany is not forbidden, but in many places it is forbidden at least in public places. Among other things has Bavaria a Curfew from 9 p.m. raised so around midnight In any case, no one is allowed to stay on public streets and squares - not even to bawl.

    Nonetheless, that Fireworks offers are in 2020 as every year in the Advertising brochures the Discount stores. There is great displeasure among customers. Especially in the social networks people are justifiably asking why advertising is made for something that cannot be sold at all. Especially Aldi still has to face harsh criticism, he had Discount stores but on nine pages pyrotechnics advertised and this is now only marked with a red banner as "not available". “Rarely seen something so senseless, it becomes a special one brochure created where it says that we have this Pyro items can not buy? ", comments one user Twitter.

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    Another Twitter user mocked himself: “And still you had to print a brochure? On the one hand on environmental Protection do and then something. ”Opposite echo24.de* explained one Aldi spokeswoman now on request: "Since we plan to advertise our campaigns a long time in advance, some of the corresponding offers in our advertising material have already been published." So it was for Aldi then apparently more efficient - and even more environmentally friendly - the brochures with the Note than having them reprinted from scratch.

    Aldi prospectus for New Year's Eve: environmental sin or marketing gag?

    That the New Years Offers apparently were printed weeks before, you can also see at Kaufland. If you leaf through the prospectus, you would think that Fireworks is currently for sale - customers are only informed online: “Please note that this year we no fireworks items sell in our stores. ”For“ resource-saving reasons ”, they did not want to print new brochures.

    On Twitter but is not only about the alleged "Environmental scandal"Discussed, but also about the possibly great resentment of the dealers themselves. That Sales ban should the Discount stores meet financially, so a Twitter user even about a "marketing gag" on the part Aldi speculated. Out of spite, he assumed, the offer was published anyway.

    #Aldi: This year really shoot it again ...

    Government: Nope.

    Aldi-Marketing: Well, then we'll show the population what we HAVE sold with a twelve-page brochure

    - Stephan Knapmeyer (@ImmaNathi) December 28, 2020

    But if you follow the turmoil among the customers, one thing quickly becomes clear: who is in the Social networks currently about the Brochures the Discount stores discussed, also discussed about that Banthe government per se. Many users are annoyed that they because of the Coronavirus pandemic at the turn of the year on the colorful Fireworks should do without. Others, however, look forward to Facebook about a “quiet New Years Eve party". One user even says: “Better that way. Without fireworks. Also because of the animals. Better to donate than firecrackers. "

    New Year's Eve brochures cause confusion for customers: "Somebody was probably not paying attention"

    Original article dated December 22, 2020:

    Mülheim an der Ruhr - As a partial definition of the "hard Lockdowns“Fighting the Coronavirus pandemic to have Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Country bosses the sale of Fireworks before New Years Eve forbidden. Larger gatherings of people public places and thus the increased risk of infection should be avoided. In this way, unnecessary injuries should not be a further burden on the already fully occupied hospitals.

    The Ban on sale of fireworks *applies throughout Germany, that Firecracker ban In public places, however, not: In some federal states, the big bang is allowed, in some not. Public fireworks were completely deleted that private firecrackers however, it is allowed in many places. The federal government wants to use the measures to encourage people to completely focus on the this year New Years Eve bang renounce, but it is incumbent on the individual states and municipalities to appeal to implement.

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    In Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg there are nightly exit restrictions, so at most on Private property can be blasted. The Big cities of Stuttgart and Munich about want to completely ban the gunfire. In Berlin It is allowed to set off fireworks on the streets, even if they are single Prohibited Zones should give. For example, you also plan in North Rhine-Westphalia proceed.

    Discounter advertising for fireworks creates confusion

    Despite the Discussions about the firecrackers ban, the Sales ban applies - is only excluded Children's fireworks. “Somebody was probably not paying attention Aldi south. The sale of fireworks is forbidden across Germany, "wrote a Twitter user when he said the new one Aldi-Brochure has in the mailbox. Aldi even advertises that on the first page New Year fireworks. In the booklet itself there are also several pages full Firecracker Advertising.

    One of them was probably not paying attention to Aldi-Süd 🤷‍♂️🤔

    Fireworks sale is prohibited throughout Germany. # Aldi # Feuerwerksverbotpic.twitter.com/zd76Gmy4bx

    - Jedge (@ Jedge80) December 21, 2020

    On too Facebook Aldi customers are piqued about the offer: “The brochure advertising is absolutely off the mark. I can't believe a company the size of Aldi south is unable to reprint without it NINE pages of fireworks items to surrender. A cross-note on all nine pages is probably possible, ”writes a Facebook user who will therefore no longer be included in the future Aldi want to go shopping. And indeed Aldi did not remove the pages, just put in a red bar that shows the Sales ban due to the current Government decision indicates.

    The New Year's decision the government has the Discount stores apparently caught off guard, speculates a Twitter user and comments on it Brochure tweet: “But you already know that the brochures In print 3-4 months in advance be sent? ”Online is that Aldi prospectusthat the Twitter user posted on Monday can no longer be found. The one he has not yet reached in paper form can probably get through the other Promotional mail wonder.

    Government decision takes discounters by surprise - prospectus advertising invalid

    The Discounter Norma for example, currently on page 1 of its brochure for the “Starting Shot 2021” and the “Fireworks of Superlatives”. Among other things, the "Metal Rockets reloaded" and the "Champ Edition", which the Discount stores from December 29th want to offer for sale. Also in the current one Lidl-Brochure, which is valid from December 21st to 24th, will be advertised until December 27th fireworks Reserve online "stress-free".

    The Printed matter the Discount stores are so in terms of the Fireworks now completely invalid. The information that customers have already received by post is now at least available digital revised. So has for example Lidl already open Facebook informed about the automatic cancellation of the crackers pre-ordered by the customers. As a "bang alternative" beats Lidl before, at home instead fortune cookies to crack and Confetti cannons fire. (cos) * heidelberg24.de, echo24.de and ruhr24.de are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network