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What is low-level javascript? - Javascript

I've seen the term "low-level javascript" a couple of times, but I have no idea what it means. Google surprisingly shows no results. Can someone shed some light on this?


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I would say it's "javascript without cross-browser frameworks" like jQuery or YUI.

Can be especially difficult when it comes to multiple browser support.

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As of 2012, someone might be referring to "low-level JavaScript" LLJS. It is a subset of JavaScript that is compiled into JavaScript code that is garbage collector-friendly but unreadable (with WebGL-typed arrays often used to manage memory).

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Sometimes people form their own terms, they shouldn't "t." Low-level Javascript "is one of them. There is nothing" low-level "about Javascript. It is interpreted at runtime in a high-level abstraction environment like the DOM.

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It's a very specialized tool that allows you to write CPU- and memory-optimized JavaScript code (explicit memory management, not GC).

Why? Because in some cases you need top performance.

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I suspect it means javascript without a framework like prototype / jQuery / YUI which is helpful in browser compatibility and in general has a lot of useful features so you don’t have to spend time redeveloping the wheel.

Maybe it has something to do with the "new" way of using Javascript - i. H. Object oriented, with frameworks, ... Unlike the crappy code we saw a few years ago.

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Low Level JS is concise, concise code that runs efficiently and usually takes advantage of the intricacies of the language

bit-wise operation, type conversions / logical short-circuit operators, prototype chaining, context binding, ternary assignment, event bubbling / propagation, object referencing, use of the GPU, etc.