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Edtech educators gather to use MoodleCloud to shape the future of higher education


The TELedvisors network is a special interest group operating under the auspices of ASCILITE
(Australasian Society for Computers in Tertiary Education).

The TEL portion of the name stands for Technology Enhanced Learning, while "Edvisor" is a name the network coined as an umbrella term for the wide range of people who work in teaching roles, including academic developers, educational designers, and learning technologists.

The TELedvisors network acts as a community of practice for people working in these roles to support the exchange of knowledge, ideas and resources.

They host monthly webinars on topics of interest to the community and encourage face-to-face meetings in cities in Australia and New Zealand. They also organize community-based collaborative projects, including research and resource development, and advocate for a better understanding of the work they do in the tertiary education sector.

TELedvisors started at the end of 2016 with a core group of around 15 members who had expressed an interest in informal discussions at conferences and on Twitter and who have currently grown to 203 members.


Colin Simpson, Senior Learning Technologist at Swinburne University of Technology, is one of the co-founders and organizers of the TELedvisors network.

Colin was behind the decision to use MoodleCloud as a private online space where the network wanted and had to work together and share resources and present work.

"The decision to go with MoodleCloud was, at least in part, because I was working in a place that used the SaaS product as the corporate LMS," commented Colin.

"The network chose MoodleCloud together because we wanted an accessible, yet private environment that was easy to use and well supported."

As soon as the network organized a MoodleCloud account directly from the website, the members worked on the design of the website themselves.


"The discussion forums are by far our most widely used tools. Because of their ease of use and relatively intuitive notification systems, these act as a power communication hub for the TELedvisors group," said Colin.

The network also uses many of the tools to communicate with each other and to discuss research, innovation and evidence-based practice in the effective use of educational technologies for learning and teaching in the tertiary sector.

By using their MoodleCloud site regularly, the group has also worked to ensure that the user experience is improved for the members involved.

“I recently had feedback from a new member that they weren't sure what to do after doing it
created an account, "explained Colin.

"It reminded me that we need to watch this side of the user experience more closely as Moodlecloud does not currently have an auto-registration feature that would have added the member directly to the course page where our content and activity live."

More information

The TELedvisors network welcomes new members who work as academic developers.
Educational designers and learning technologists in educational institutions and organizations
throughout Australasia. You can join the network at

Supporters and people interested in the network's activities can connect with them on Twitter
@TELedvisors and everyone is welcome to attend the monthly webinars of and advertised on Twitter.

ASCILITE acts as an important hub for people interested in the broader topics and ideas
all about technology-based learning and teaching in Australasia. It supports a
Number of other special interest groups centered around a range of topics and also operates a variety of
other activities for people in the industry.