How is Sasuke's relationship with Sarada

then you really didn’t understand the whole thing or did something about the couple Sasuke Karin that you don’t want to accept facts that cannot be clearer than that, I don’t know why

Finally accept that all sources say that Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura who else should be the biological mother because Karin is 100% not otherwise she would not have freaked out on the wrong DNA test because it was carried out with Sarada's umbilical cord that is Fact and a motherhood to attach to it because of glasses is only superficial and stupid after all, Karin made the glasses, which is also a fact and explains why the glasses look so similar

Everything speaks against Karin as a mother that Sasuke has never seen her as an annoying girly fan like Sakura was at the beginning, only Sakura has developed emotionally and Sasuke was never interested in Katin which is fact and is clearly documented

Just as Sasuke Sakura promised to come back because of her, Sarada was born in a hiding place in Orochimaru, which is why there are logically no documents in Konoha, the fact is that Sasuke and Sakura are married and Sarada is also not a gene experiment from Orochimaru or even artificially created

Everything speaks 100% what occurs in Narutogaiden Bourto that Sakura is the biological mother just like Sarada has used Sakura's technique for everyone surprisingly instinctively and has the same very good chakra control and punching technique as Sakura, which is only possible through a genetic relationship

just because Sarada comes strongly after the Uchia Blutinine does not mean that Sakura is not the mother
which both have clearly confirmed, so the bottom line is everything speaks for the fact that Sakura is the biological mother
Since she was also traveling with Sasuke for a period of time, these are all facts and figures and there is not the slightest evidence that Sakura is not the mother

there is no hint that Sakura is not the mother
Furthermore, it is quite normal in Japan that part of the umbilical cord is dried and stored, and in Naruto the umbilical cord is from Sarada
was picked up by Karin to have a part of Sasuke in which she is still shot


Just matter.
I've never done it before!

I know the anime Boruto and I've also read the manga series, otherwise I wouldn't notice these inconsistencies.

Too bad that Sasuke Sarada can still tell a lot to protect her from whatever. It's not enough for me to just throw a few words down. I would like to see more background, such as developments from the manga / anime, because as I said: you can tell a lot and not everything you say is correct. It can still all be a ruse.
If it were handled properly, it wouldn't seem so strange to me. What happened there is just too vague for me to believe it.


just stupid that it also happens in Boruto that Sasuke has confirmed it and Karin as well, please accept that Sakura is the birth mother as Kishimoto has confirmed and planned

All of this was confirmed in Naruto Gaiden, which was still made by Kishimoto himself, not wanting to accept the facts is just believing in something for which there is no evidence


but you can read Naruto Gaiden through it would be an advantage


Too bad that, as I said, you can tell a lot when the act is long.
I speak from experience;)


Too bad that Sasuke himself confirmed that Sakura is the mother, so Karin is off the table and even Kishimoto himself has confirmed that Sakura gave birth to Sarada on the way and he must know


The only thing in which Sarada Sakura really resembles is her behavior and that is shaped by the way she is treated.
Just like my Mitazubi has just copied the "mouth" from his branch manager and is therefore far from his son.




no that's not true this matter was clearly clarified because everyone confirmed that sakura is the mother, the DNA test was positive because it was Sarada's own umbilical cord that Suigetsu tested and not Karin's

You know that Karin can tell a lot when the day is long, right?

Meanwhile I have doubts about that too, but to be honest? Are you so naive and do you believe everything they tell you? That could just as well be a ruse from Karin, because Sasuke wanted her to hide it. After all, she would do anything for him.

It would be a miracle who it would be Karin because the similarity is only because of the glasses otherwise Sarada looks more Sakura Similar without deiseer Sasuke will probably still know better than Karin who the physical mother is and he said it was Sakura