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The best tips for thicker hair: How to stop hair loss

Let's be honest: of course we all dream of beautiful, thick hair. Unfortunately, not everyone naturally has volume in their hair. Improper hair care or poor diet can then finish off tired hair.

In addition, many women suffer from hair loss. The reasons are very different. In addition to a lack of nutrients, genetic factors can also play a role. The good news: Many forms of hair loss can be stopped so that thicker, fuller hair no longer has to remain a dream.

From the right hair care and special hair preparations to the right diet: We'll tell you how you can finally get thicker hair.

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Hair loss? These are possible causes

But if the hair has already been stronger, hormonal changes (e.g. due to a thyroid disease) or a vitamin or iron deficiency can be the cause that the hair roots no longer accelerate as before.

If you are affected by increasing hair loss and your mane seems thinner and thinner, you should make an appointment with the dermatologist. He will determine the reason for your hair loss and can find the remedy for you that will help you best. There are now many products that are supposed to help against hair loss. From drinking cures to capsules to shampoos - let your dermatologist advise you on this.

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These products can stop hair loss

The good news first: There are things you can do about your hair loss. We asked hairdressers and dermatologists which products really help. These are their recommendations:

Recommended by hairdressers: Kérastase Specifique Cure Anti-Chute
The 42 ampoules contain the active ingredient Aminexil. They are applied to the scalp once a day and can reduce hair loss.

Here you can find the hair ampoules from Kérastase at Amazon. *

For thicker and healthier hair: hair vitamins
Hair loss is often caused by a deficiency symptom. This can be determined by a blood test at the family doctor or dermatologist. If a vitamin or mineral deficiency is diagnosed as the cause of hair loss, dietary supplements especially for skin and nails can help.

Special hair vitamin capsules are available from Asoyu, for example. The capsules are vegan and free of additives and should have a positive effect on hair, skin and nails if used regularly.

Here you can order Asoyu hair vitamins directly from Amaton. *

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Biotin gummy bears are a great thing for anyone who cannot swallow capsules well. They contain all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy hair growth.

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For hereditary hair loss: Minoxidil products
Tinctures for the scalp, which contain the active ingredient minoxidil, are recommended by dermatologists if hair loss is a hereditary form. The minoxidil can stop hair loss and stimulate hair regeneration. Important, before you use such a product: Talk to your doctor first. He can clarify whether you are really dealing with hereditary hair loss.

There is a tincture with Minoxidil from Regaine especially for women on Amazon. *

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Getting thicker hair: 6 tips for more body

Where there is too little hair substance, no product in the world can (to date) conjure up anything - but strengthening from wash to wash is definitely possible. With the right styling products, you can also simulate more fullness. Strengthening and a little trickery - with this strategy, fine hair makes a muscle man! These are the most important tricks:

1st tip: Tint or dye your hair

Hair feels stronger when it is tinted or colored. The artificial pigments are deposited like scales around the hair shaft and cushion it with it. The darker the hair, the stronger it looks.

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Tip 2: strengthening care

Strengthening care products offer a little more depth than color: oat or wheat proteins form a protective film around every hair and thus strengthen it. Fatty acids, for example from wheat germ oil, care for the hair without weighing it down. Amino acids (tiny protein building materials) push the natural keratin of the hair and thus restructure the hair from the inside. Panthenol or fruit extracts from pineapple or lemon also strengthen the hair fiber.

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Tip 3: the right haircut

The haircut can also be to blame if fine hair looks as lifeless as withered lettuce. Cutting tips every six weeks is compulsory.

In addition, so-called 'slicing' (shortening the hair with a knife or angled scissors) is a no-go - it makes the lengths look even fuzzier than they already are. In addition, the hairstyle should have dull, compact contours and, if possible, no steps.

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4th tip: blow-dry over your head

After washing, blow-dry your hair upside down while keeping the air flow towards the scalp. This roughens up the cuticle and brings grip to the hair. In addition, the roots straighten up and give the hair more body and stand.

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Tip 5: volume powder

Don't worry, volume powder has nothing to do with what was sprinkled on wigs in the time of Louis XIV. It is so fine that it does not leave any visible marks, but it does strengthen the hair fiber effectively. Simply spray or dust from a distance of about 20 centimeters and massage in briefly. Then style the hair as usual.

The result: The powder gives the hair a better grip and also feels firmer - this is particularly beneficial for fine hair that needs to be transformed into a durable updo.

Tip 6: the right hairstyling

In addition to the right haircut, the right hairstyling can also help you to get thicker hair, at least visually. For example, you can change the parting, or instead of just try two ponytails on top of each other ...

Here are more hairstyling tips for more volume!

Get thicker hair through healthy eating

In addition to proper hair care, diet is also a very important factor when it comes to getting thicker hair. Those who eat one-sided and mainly on finished products should not be surprised if their hair becomes thinner over time. Because then there is a lack of minerals that are responsible for healthy hair growth.

So make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet. Means: Put fruit, vegetables and whole grain products on your menu and cook them fresh as often as possible. In this way you provide your body and thus your hair roots with everything they need.

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