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Review of "The Umbrella Academy - Doomsday Suite"

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The Netflix madness grabbed me! One show I was recommended consistently was "The Umbrella Academy". I binge-watched the first season and then I was absolutely READY for the graphic novel. And I apologize at this point for calling the graphic novel “comic” in my review. I hope you treat me carefully. 😉 With that in mind, I hope you enjoy reading!

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❈ Information about the book ❈

Author: Gerard Way

Illustrator: Gabriel Bá

Publishing company: Cross Cult * With a Click into the action-packed world of books by CrossCult *

ISBN: 978-3959811736

Hardback edition: 144 pages

Price: 22.00 euros

Language: German

❈ Content ❈

The “Umbrella Academy” is a “family” of seven superheroes of a different kind, all of whom were adopted in childhood by a wealthy benefactor and trained into a powerful and never-before-seen superhero team. Years later, the members of the Umbrella Academy, from Spaceboy aka 00.01 to violinist Vanya aka 00.07, are divided and scattered to the wind - until they are united again by the death of their foster father and a global threat.

One of the greatest sensational successes of the comic year 2008, honored with several EISNER awards, including for "The Best Series". MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE singer and comic author Gerard Way blends comic clichés, pop culture references and a strong literary playful instinct to create a very entertaining, postmodern superhero fairy tale.
THE superhero saga for the new millennium!

❈ First sentence ❈

It starts out great: with a huge oscillator.

❈ My opinion ❈

What a tragic, but infinitely funny family story: The “Umbrella Academy” is not for normal people with the faint of heart! The comic is made for the crazier readership - and that's exactly what makes the whole picture so special. The authors don't follow the typical storylines we all know in sci-fi / fantasy books. They create a completely alien, unique plot that made me flip through the pages like a magazine and finish the comic within a few hours - out of breath, of course! It was just too exciting for me to consider putting "The Umbrella Academy - Doomsday Suite" aside for a moment. I was captivated by the story and its characters, by the fantastic images and their texts. You constantly want to know what happens next, because the common thread can change in a completely different, unexpected direction with each page. I also think it's great that the issues aren't just about the comics themselves. There are always little additions.

I started in the “Umbrella Academy” universe with the successful Netflix series. When I finished season 1, I turned to comics. In the comic, of course, everything happens much faster, many scenes are left out and some are changed. However, I believe the Netflix series is based on the comic - and not the other way around. So the “original” in that sense is the book. One thing I still haven't figured out is: Is “Rumor” in the comic the “Allison” in the series? If so, I have to admit that I think comic book rumors are cooler with her punk style and purple hair. Séance looks very different in the comic than in the series - but here I think both versions are very successful. The somewhat stoned “Whisperer of the Dead” is my favorite figure next to number 5 (the boy). Speaking of number 5, can we please appreciate how awesome this character is ?! If it were possible I would read an entire comic just about him and his adventures!

I find the first volume of “The Umbrella Academy” visually very appealing, as it has a large variety of scenes and motifs, with full-page images and different vignette styles, day-night images, indoor-outdoor scenes, city and village landscapes, Figures that are beautifully drawn and lit. Also, I can't praise the color scheme enough! This review is going to be short because I have no faults. XD

Simply bombastic - this comic exceeds all my expectations! The characters look so real, as if they were jumping out of the book into our world at any moment. My favorites are Séance and number 5 - both extremely fascinating characters with their extraordinary peculiarities. The illustrations resemble an explosion of color that often appears unexpectedly gloomy. The drawing style reminds me of newer Marvel and DC Comics. In addition, comics and Netflix series complement each other wonderfully. I definitely don't want to miss Volume 2!

I give the book 5 out of 5 dream clouds!

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